PowerPoint Templates – 37+ Free PPT Format Download!

Be it boardrooms or classrooms, we have an awesome collection of PowerPoint presentation  templates with creative playful styles or professional formal styles that are sure to attract the  attention of your audience. These templates will allow you to create presentations with beautiful  backgrounds, 3D images and a huge collection of graphics and designs to choose from, that will  help you convey your ideas effectively and will also engage the viewers. So download them now  and get started!

Free Powerpoint Templates

Impress your viewers with not just the content but also the way you present them, with PowerPoint  templates that offer a range of fonts, backgrounds and a gallery of pictures to choose from.

Cartoon Pop Art Template Free PPT Download


Microsoft Powerpoint Templates

Download from our collection of PowerPoint templates suitable for use on Microsoft office  platform and enjoy a range of pre included samples with amazing collection of fonts and graphics  available at very affordable price range.

Vapor Trail Microsoft Powerpoint Template Download

Jeopardy Powerpoint Templates

If you’re looking to design and develop this game on your own, well the PowerPoint templates would be happy to assist you in accomplishing the job in style. As the templates are fully editable and can be personalized, you can use the ready demo content or revise and make changes to design the game more quickly!

Jeopardy Game Powerpoint Template Free Download

Powerpoint Presentation Templates

Present your ideas in an efficient manner with our ready to use PowerPoint presentation templates  that are available for all general purposes like business presentations, case studies, classroom  projects etc.

Target PowerPoint Presentation Template PPT Format


Professional Powerpoint Templates

Rule the seminars and bard meetings with our professionally designed PowerPoint templates that  have interactive graphics, 3D images and animations to communicate your ideas in a better way.  Download now!

Mission and Vision Prefessional PowerPoint Template

Powerpoint Timeline Templates

Download our PowerPoint timeline templates and add your data, update timelines easily and  customize your timeline with lots of styles, colors and graphics pre­included with each of our  templates to make your job easier.

Full Year PowerPoint Timeline Template Free PPT


Powerpoint Poster Templates

Make a powerful statement with our PowerPoint poster templates that can be edited easily  according to your preference and comes with various pre­included layouts and color schemes. So  Download now!

Scientific Poster PowerPoint Template PPT Download


Animated Powerpoint Templates

Get animated PowerPoint templates to convey your ideas effectively with visuals and illustrations  of the same. We have huge collection of samples for every category so choose the one for you  now!

Future Interface Animated Powerpoint Template Download

Family Feud Powerpoint Templates

Create your own custom family feud game for children with our collection of PowerPoint  templates. All you need to do is include questions, options for the answer and customize the  graphics or backgrounds if required.

Make a Powerpoint Family Feud Template Game Tutorial

Business Powerpoint Templates

Get ready to set an impression in the boardrooms or seminars with our professionally designed  business PowerPoint templates that include a range of pre­set fonts, layouts, animated graphics etc.  to help you create your presentation quickly.

Business Cash Money PowerPoint Template PPT Download


Powerpoint Templates for Mac

These PowerPoint samples have been designed specifically for Mac. Needless to say the designs are thoroughly professional, and what’s more, they are fully editable and customizable too. So you can easily adjust and experiment with various features available to build things such as posters timelines, letters, menus etc.

Free Download Chalkboard Customer Lifecycle PowerPoint Template

Powerpoint Game Templates

Built exclusively for Mac, these templates are professionally designed with easily adjustable  features, graphics, fonts, layouts and are available for a wide range of general purposes like  timelines, menus, posters, letters etc.

Soaring Skyward Games Powerpoint Template Download


Medical Powerpoint Templates

Design presentations to help students or employees act efficiently in case of any medical  emergency with our PowerPoint templates that have easy to understand, interactive graphics and  animations suitable for providing knowledge of first­aids.

Download Vivid Brain Medical PowerPoint Template

Powerpoint Slide Templates

If you’re looking to fetch some very well-made business and educational presentation templates, you can run eyes through our compilation of templates and download all or whichever ones which have captured your attention and interest the most. The templates are packed with lots of color design, artwork, responsive layouts and much more!

Vicentio Slide Presentation Template Download

Christmas Powerpoint Templates

We have would like to unveil a collection of wonderful PowerPoint presentation templates which have been specially designed for the festive time of Christmas. All of the samples are editable and can be personalized according to individual needs and requirements. Use the templates for professional and personal purposes.

Christmas Tree Powerpoint Template Download


Powerpoint Calendar Templates

With the help of our specialized set of PowerPoint calendar templates you will be able to easily set and mark important dates as well as monitor sales reports with regular frequency at time intervals you decide. The calendar templates are wired with features to run automatic updates whenever they occur.

Blank Monthly Calendar Template PPT Format


Halloween Powerpoint Templates

Choose from our wide range of Halloween PowerPoint templates to discuss themes or create  invitations. These templates have multiple preset styles, backgrounds and come with a gallery of  pictures to make your task easier.

Happy Halloween PPT Template Free Download


Facebook Powerpoint Templates

Organize and add custom made Facebook pages with your presentations to make them more  efficient. All you need to do is download these templates and edit or replace the necessary details  according to your need.

Facebook PowerPoint Presentation Template PPT Download

Chalkboard Powerpoint Templates

Chalkboard PowerPoint presentations are a huge hit with business right now. Even if you’d like to make one for a personal purpose, you’d be able to do it rather easily and quickly with Chalkboard PowerPoint Templates. These are available in an assortment of designs and they have in them great graphic and even animated stickman figures!

Black Board Chalkboard Powerpoint Template


Education Powerpoint Templates

Need PowerPoint presentation for classrooms? Get amazing PowerPoint templates designed  professionally for teachers and students with useful graphics, clipart and animations. So download  them here and get started with creating educational presentations.

Education School PowerPoint Template Free Download


Science Powerpoint Templates

Woo the class with our collection of science PowerPoint templates that will help you create your  own presentation in minutes. These are specially designed with selected additional layouts that  come for free with each download.

Chemistry Test Tube Scienece PowerPoint Template

Powerpoint Org Chart Template

Choose the org chart that suits your need, simply customize it to add or remove blocks and details,  to create your structured presentation easily and set an impression with high quality images and  graphics.

Organization Chart Template for PowerPoint Download

Powerpoint Background Templates

Be it formal, elegant or playful; we have a huge range of collection for every kind of themes and  projects to help you make creative, catchy presentations effortlessly in no time. Download them  now!

Green Floral Powerpoint Background Template


Fun Powerpoint Templates

Fun PowerPoint templates are specially designed to appeal the kids for creative co­curricular  activities and can be used by the teachers and parents equally well with little knowledge of  PowerPoint.

Fun PowerPoint Template Free PPT Download

Army Powerpoint Template

Army PowerPoint templates can be used for trainings, briefings and other important related details.  These templates have high quality graphics, clipboards and a range of styles to choose from.

Download Army PowerPoint Template

Powerpoint Flowchart Template

Army PowerPoint templates can be used for trainings, briefings and other important related details.  These templates have high quality graphics, clipboards and a range of styles to choose from.

Microsoft Powerpoint Flowchart Template Sample Download


Technology Powerpoint Templates

Technology PowerPoint templates comes with a wide range of backgrounds, color schemes and a  gallery of pictures that can help you create awesome presentations for general purposes or even for  discussing technology in an educational sense.

Smartphone and Mobile Applications Powerpoint Template


School Powerpoint Templates

School PowerPoint templates can prove to be useful for both the students and the teachers. These  templates can help you connect easily with the audience with various pre­defined color variants,  multiple layouts and themes.

Free School Education Template Download


Holiday Powerpoint Template

We have a huge collection of slide backgrounds and a gallery of pictures for both festive holidays  and fun filled vacations. These are available for free or at very affordable prices and comes with  various special layouts that you can add effortlessly.

Valentine Day Holidays PowerPoint Template Download

SWOT Analysis Template Powerpoint

Try these swot analysis template PowerPoint for finding and keeping a track of strength, weakness,  opportunities and threats in your business. These have customizable layout, multiple sample slides  and summary making based on analysis.

SWOT Framework Powerpoint Diagram Template

Wedding Powerpoint Templates

These wedding PowerPoint templates are multi­functional and can be used by couples and  wedding planners. They have wedding themed designs and can be used for embedding pictures,  planning and more.

Wedding Flowers PowerPoint Template Free Download


Powerpoint Roadmap Template

These PowerPoint roadmap templates are feature­rich to provide you multiple usage options. They  can be used for revenue targets, annual targets, weekly sales, product development, marketing plan  or strategy plans, monthly sales and growth plans.

Roadmap With Multiple Achievement Flat Powerpoint Design

Football Powerpoint Template

With clean and chic designs the football PowerPoint template is ideal for use. They are highly  adaptable to multiple segments in the market and have numerous slides for you to make your  PowerPoint representation.

Colorful Football Powerpoint Design Layout

Church Powerpoint Templates

These church PowerPoint templates have a very neutral design and can be used for church events,  sermons, handouts and occasions like Easter, Christmas and have specifically designed themes for  exclusive events as well.

Tree Christmas PowerPoint Template Download

Biology Powerpoint Templates

Try these biology PowerPoint templates for your workshops, class projects and presentations.  Packed with multiple gorgeous, appealing slides and great neat backgrounds they are perfect for  displaying relevant information as they can be used for multiple segments in the field of biology.

Bacteria PowerPoint Template Slides Download

3d Powerpoint Template

Built with numerous slides to cater to more than a single purpose the 3D PowerPoint template is  perfection. It can be used for Brochure, Flyer, Postcard, Letterhead, Poster, Newsletter, Folder and  Business card.

3D Infinity Figure Powerpoint Template Download

Marketing Powerpoint Template

The marketing PowerPoint template, crafted to ensure you get a trophy worthy presentation. Ideal  for diagrammatic representation and use in presentation for achievement targets, future concepts,  missions, goals and marketing strategy.

Free Download Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Template


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