12+ Retro Joomla Templates – Evoke Feelings of Nostalgia with the Right Tool

Retro has a lasting appeal and it was only a matter of time before it made a big comeback in various aspects of life. The Joomla platform has not been spared from this influence and retro themes for Joomla are at the height of their popularity right now.


They are easily available to download throughout the Internet and it is possible for users to find both free and premium retro Joomla templates. Retro designs and templates possess a classic charm and help transport the user to the good ol’ days, relying on feelings of sentimentality.

What makes retro themes for Joomla so special?

It seems users love the sensation of nostalgia as they take a stroll down memory lane and it helps them connect better with the content posted on the best Joomla templates. The idea of reusing old, worn-out and outmoded patterns, items, textures and design elements, and making them relevant all over again for a modern audience appears to have a special interest in the market since they apparently add a sense of timelessness to the web design.

Special features of retro Joomla templates

  • The most notable aspect of retro Joomla templates is the prominent and large use of classic typography.
  • The weathered and worn out kind of illustrations possess a style reminiscent of the classic age along with the presence of lovely shield shapes, ribbons and badges, and together they help form a cohesive but appealing design that, while grounded in the past, still appeals to the tastes of the present.
  • Multiple colour themes are common in Joomla retro templates along with simple tagging system for the content and an elegant responsive design.
  • The best retro templates on Joomla consist of elegantly detailed designs with flexible styling options including background variations, colour highlights, colour schemes and tags.
  • You have the option of choosing between a sleek, modern one column layout but you can change it to a more traditional two, three or four column layout.

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JSN Retro Creative Joomla Theme – $59

jsn retro creative joomla theme 59 788x50

Queen Retro Responsive Template – $43

queen retro responsive template 43 788x

ZT Retro Responsive Joomla Template

zt retro responsive joomla template3 788x

ZT Retro Responsive Portfolio Joomla Theme – $40

zt retro responsive portfolio joomla theme

Retro Arrow Joomla Template – $48

retro arrow joomla template1 788x

Best Retro Responsive Joomla Template – $25

best retro responsive joomla template 25 788x

Retro Mission Joomla Theme – $14

retro mission joomla theme 1 788x

Rs Retro Responsive Premium Joomla Theme – $48

rs retro responsive premium joomla theme1 48 788x