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Good customer service is one of the hallmarks of a good business. This applies to best restaurants as well. One way to show good customer support is by allowing your customers to fill out restaurant guest comment cards.

In this article, we have collected different examples of restaurant templates that any restaurateur may use to create highly original customer feedback cards for their own companies. Useful tips and guidelines are also included so that you can create the best version of a guest comment card.

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Free Comment Card Template

free comment card template

Restaurant Comment Card Template

restaurant comment card template

Guest Comment Card Template

guest comment card template

What are restaurant guest comment cards?

Comment cards are documents that ask for a person’s opinion about another person, service, thing, company, occurrence, and other things. They are usually printed on small pieces of paper or cardstock as this facilitates a quick and easy form filling out process. They are widely used in the customer service industry since these printed cards usually ask for feedback, comments, and complaints.

Customer Comment Card

customer comment card template

Hotel Comment Card Sample

hotel comment card

In the restaurant industry, restaurant guest comment cards are used to survey customers about their respective dining experiences. Guest comment cards can sometimes be called customer feedback card, customer survey cards, or even just comment cards. Creating a well-designed restaurant guest comment card is only half the battle. As a restaurateur, you also need to make sure that the wording you use in the comment card should elicit the best responses from any restaurant guest. Check out this article for a step by step guide on how to create a restaurant comment card.

Simple Restaurant Guest Comment Card

simple restaurant guest comment card

Black and White Restaurant Guest Comment Card Template

black and white restaurant guest comment card template

What to include in a restaurant guest comment card

As mentioned earlier, the content of your guest comment card should also be written in a way that will allow you to gather all the necessary pieces of information relevant to your business. Listed below are the key items that should be included in any restaurant guest comment card. Take note of these items and make sure that you add them to your comment card templates before printing them out. You may also like event comment cards.

1. Restaurant details

Restaurant guest comment cards are also considered as a restaurant stationery. And, just like how menu cards, brochures, and place cards can be used to showcase a restaurant’s branding identity, your restaurant guest comment card should include all the necessary restaurant details.

This means that you should make sure to include a good restaurant logo design, restaurant name, address, and contact information on the comment card. This allows customers to know where to send the comment and they will also know who will be held accountable for any information they provide on the comment card.

2. A portion to write comments and feedback

Another important element that a restaurant guest comment card should include is a portion for customers and guests to freely write about their dining experience. This portion should be big enough, so make sure to consider this when deciding on the size of the comment card you are creating. There is no fixed rule for a comment card size. Some restaurants can even get away with just using the standard business card size (3.5 inches by 2 inches). Check out this article on how to design a business card.

3. Date and time the card was filled out

Restaurant comment cards should have a section for the dates and times the form was filled out. This allows restaurateurs to accurately measure the effect of specific business strategies implemented. A date and time stamp also allows business owners to track an issue as to when it occurred. Therefore, you should always treat restaurant guest comment cards as important sources for documentary information.

4. Checklist or tick boxes

When creating a restaurant guest comment card template, you also need to remember that some customers may be in a hurry. To avoid lost chances of getting feedback from your restaurant guests, you should make sure that your comment cards are easy to fill out. One way to do this is to use pre-made checklists, tick boxes, and other layout options where customers just have to shade, encircle, or darken a spot on the comment card. Doing this will make your restaurant guests and your own life easier. You may also like restaurant tent card designs.

5. Guests’ contact information

When creating or just customizing a restaurant guest comment card template, you should make sure that you leave a portion for customers and clients to enter their name and contact information if they want to. When you put this option in a customer comment card template, you are basically asking for a customer’s permission if they are willing to fill out the survey and give feedback once again.

If your business does this, make sure that you will respect and protect your customer’s personal information. This strategy is also effective if you want to get comparative before and after data about your customer’s dining experiences. You may also like restaurant discount card designs.

6. Referral person

An optional piece of information that a restaurant guest comment card may include is a portion for customers to write the person/s who referred them to your restaurant. This element may be added if your restaurant is also implementing a customer referral program as a way to spread the word about your business. If you are not implementing such marketing strategy, it is better to do away with this template element. You may also like restaurant rack card templates.

For those who are interested in starting a customer loyalty program for their restaurant, you may check out these restaurant membership card templates.

Red Restaurant Guest Comment Card with Logo Template

red restaurant guest comment card with logo template

Why use restaurant guest comment cards?

Showing a willingness to listen to your customers is often a characteristic that most consumers like in companies that they do business with. As a restaurateur, it is best to show this same level of openness for improvement after receiving feedback from your diners. Aside from getting direct customer feedback, you will also get to enjoy other benefits when you use guest comment cards for your restaurant. We have listed some of these advantages below. Check them out. You may also see restaurant invitation cards.

1. To gather customer feedback

As mentioned earlier, the main use of a restaurant guest comment card is to receive direct customer feedback. A printable comment card allows you to get real-time information about the level of service that your customers have received while dining at your restaurant. When your restaurant has developed a system for distributing and retrieving these comment cards, your business can begin to address customer issues in real time without much hassle on your part and the part of your customers. You may also see restaurant gift card designs.

2. To improve restaurant service.

When a restaurant has developed a process for getting feedback and addressing customer complaints through the use of restaurant guest comment cards, his business will automatically provide a more improved level of service to their customers. This happens because the business owner and the restaurant staff would already know the areas that they need to work on. And when they are aware of their incompetencies, they are more likely to work on these issues so that no other customer will get to experience them again. You may also like restaurant DL card designs.

There are a lot of steps to take before any business establishment can truly provide perfect service. However, if you and your staff just work diligently, you will undoubtedly achieve it. You may also like restaurant membership cards.

3. For market research

Another use of restaurant guest comment cards is for market research. You may design your comment cards to include different elements that will ask you for specific pieces of information that will tell you about your customer demographics and preferences. Of course, customer permission is required for all of these pieces of information to be compiled. And, as a business owner, you need to make sure that the information provided will only be used for restaurant market research. You may also see restaurant greeting cards.

4. To determine if marketing and business strategies implemented have been successful or not

Restaurant guest comment cards can be used as printed A/B testing tools for measuring the effectivity of different restaurant marketing and business strategies. This can be done if you ask customers to fill out the same kind of comment card at the start and at the end of a specific period. If you wish to measure different business operation variables, using guest comment cards is a good way to gather this information.

The reasons for using restaurant guest comment cards will generally vary depending on the kind of dining establishment you are operating and the specific fiscal situation your restaurant is in. Internalize the list of advantages or uses listed above and feel free to adjust your own reasons for using comment cards for your own restaurant. You may also like restaurant name cards.

Emo Style Restaurant Guest Comment Card Template

emo style restaurant guest comment card template

Cafe Restaurant Guest Comment Card Template

cafe restaurant guest comment card template

Trendy Restaurant Guest Comment Card Template

trendy restaurant guest comment card template2

Have you chosen a restaurant guest comment card template?

The internet is littered with different kinds of comment card templates. The ones embedded above will typically fit any kind of dining establishment. Choose the template that will best showcase your restaurant’s unique personality. You may also see restaurant fundraising cards.

And, if you found this article useful, please bookmark it for future reference. Also, tell your friends and colleagues about it by sharing the article on Facebook and other social media sites.

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