Cards come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and themes and can be used for formal or casual occasions. There are a lot of uses and types of cards, and you will know more about them in this article. cards

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Card Definition and Meaning

A card is made out of either stiff paper, pasteboard, or plastic and is typically having a rectangular shape, which can be handed out to another person or organization or for personal use.

10 Types of Card

There are a lot of card types that are regularly used by people. These 10 types are the most common in the market today.

Greeting Card

A greeting card is typically a folded card placed with decorations following a certain theme or occasion. Personal messages are either written or printed on the next page for the recipient.


Business Card

A business card is a printed card having an individual’s name, profession, company, company position, address, phone numbers, and any other essential personal information.


Wedding Card

Wedding cards are invitations that are handed out to guests weeks or months before an engaged couple’s marriage. Some of these cards are printed with the couple’s personal message and some other event or program information.


Invitation Card

Invitation cards are cards given to people who are invited to a special event. Events such as grand openings, engagement parties, birthday parties, Quinceñera, Christmas gatherings, and so much more are some of the events you can use invitations for.


Anniversary Card

An anniversary card is a card used to give out a sentimental message to your loved one. The message inside typically will be a reminder of the number of years a couple or a married couple has been together. Married couples would also be reminded of their wedding dates.


Birthday Card

A birthday card is a specially decorated card with a personalized message inside that is given to a birthday celebrant.


Gift Card

gift card is typically a tiny card that is given to either a new or loyal consumer of a specific brand or business. This card usually has a specific value indicated in exchange for a particular product or service.


Valentines’ Day Greeting Card

Valentines’ Day greeting cards are usually used to greet both individuals and couples a joyful Valentine’s Day. This occasion celebrates love through giving cards and gifts.



Postcards are message cards with an illustration or photo of a place or event on the front page and a blank space for writing at the back. These cards are sent without envelopes with them.


Christmas Card

Christmas cards are cards given to individuals during the holiday season to commemorate the celebration of Christmas. This type of card typically has common Christmas decorations pasted or printed on them like pine trees, Santa Clauses, reindeer, and so much more.


Card Uses, Purpose, Importance

People might tend to doubt the usefulness of cards given that we have been using hefty computer-based programs and messaging platforms that are proven to be easier and faster. However,  cards are still regarded as very important with the main purpose of safekeeping treasured moments and pieces of information about us in life. The following are the purposes on why cards are still very much important.

Transport Heartfelt Messages

Using cards instead of just using online platforms and text messaging is totally different. Both do have the same action but are very different when it comes to the sincerity of a message. Although very traditional in nature, cards can give you the chance to explain and transport your feelings as well as any piece of information that is very much yours.

Celebrate Happy and Memorable Occasions

As aforementioned, cards are for safekeeping and are often kept. It is obvious that they are totally different from using mobile or computer devices when it comes to keeping track of important information and messages. Moreover, although very helpful, technological advancement comes off as quite robotic and not as impactful. 

Make You and Everyone Grateful

Studies have found that creating a card can make a lot of people happier. Whenever you engrave or print special moments and successes in life on paper, there is a percentage of producing more emotional benefits inside you and to the person you will be sending the card to.

What’s in A Card? Parts?


The front part of your card will have either a photo or an illustration that is following the theme, idea, or occasion you are commemorating. You can also add a highlighted text of your greeting or title, which could be funny, playful, serious, or even romantic.

Core Message

The core message is your personal message written or printed inside the card (folded) or at the back of your card (if not folded). You can put in quotations, poems, songs, puns, or your very own heartfelt words to express your feelings to the recipient. 

Inserted Inside Panels

Some cards do not follow the standard folded design but rather they could have multiple folded panels that resemble a brochure. This could give an accordion look in order for you to write more messages or include more images inside.

Added Core Pages

Some cards could look like booklets as well in order for you to write long messages or stories. This type of card has all the printing on one side while the other side would be blank pages for you to fill in.


For manufactured cards available in the market, you can see the manufacturing company of the card company, as well as the logo, copyright and additional contact information. However, for your very own handmade card, you can write your name, date, or even your own signature as a logo.


How to Design a Card?

1. Pick a card size.

2. Think of which theme or concept you want to go for.

3. Select a card template.

4. Replace the front design with any design you want to add.

5. Insert your message.

6. Add some finishing touches and download.


Card vs Business Card

A card is also referred to as a “greeting card” given its informal nature. These cards are a product of an individual’s sincerity and creativeness in order to convey good wishes or heartfelt messages for another person or group of people during an event.

Business cards on the other hand do not have much playful designs and are going towards a more formal approach when it comes to converting messages. These cards are mostly printed as well for the recipient and reader to read clearly.

What’s the Difference Between a Card, Invitation Card, Postcard?

A card is also used to greet people during special events or occasions. These types of cards can also be printed or written in a single page or a folded one. 

An invitation card is used by many to make a polite or friendly request to an individual or a group of people to go somewhere or to do something in particular. This type of card can also be printed or personally written on a single page or a folded one and is typically inserted inside a baronial envelope.

A postcard is a single-page card with a large image or photo on the front and a blank space for a written message at the back. The front page can be commercially manufactured; however, the back page must be personally filled in by the recipient to convert a short personal message.

Card Sizes


Card Ideas & Examples

If you’re looking for more concepts and ideas for your next card, you can try checking our card ideas collection. You can see so much more designs following specific themes that you might want to incorporate into your very own card.

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What Elements Should a Card Have?

A common card should have at least three main elements that are either printed, written, or creatively handmade: front page, content, and back page.

What Are the Cards Used for Business?

Businesses use card stocks to create business cards for a professional look and feel.

What Are the Components of a Card?

The three main components of a card, especially a greeting card, are the front page, inside message, and back page.

What Is the Importance of ID Cards?

ID cards are mainly used for identification and security.

What Is Card Sorting?

Card sorting is a manner of organizing topics into categories, workflows, or structures that are useful when designing or evaluating the information architecture of a site.


What Are the Parts of a Card? 

The main parts of a card are the front, core message, and back.

What Is a Certificate Card?

A certificate card is a card given to acknowledge an individual who is eligible to receive a certain prize, amount, product, or service on a specific date.

What Is Required to Obtain a Card?

To obtain a greeting card, you can simply buy commercial ones in bookstores or stationary centers any time of day, while for business-related cards (ID cards, business cards, government-issued cards), you might need to undergo a certain process or interview.

What Should be Included in a Card?

The details that highlight the purpose of the card should be included.

What Are Some Tips for a Standout Card Design?

Show your creativity whether you are creating a minimalist or professional card for business-related purposes or a trendy card with vibrant colors for greeting cards.