Feedback is crucial for growth and improvement. Whether it’s for personal self-improvement or product development and enhancement, the giving and receiving of feedback are excellent learning opportunities.

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Feedback Definition & Meaning

Feedback is a response or commentary to an action, product, circumstance, etc.

Feedback can either be verbal, written, formal, or informal. Anyone can give feedback, but usually, customers and those in positions of authority are the ones whose feedback is most valued.

What Is Feedback?

Feedback can be a single comment or several remarks about a particular product, service, or event. In a business or professional sense, feedback forms are formal documents that are used as a basis for improving the quality of a product or delivery of a service.

10 Types of Feedback Forms

Medical Clinic Feedback Form

A medical clinic feedback form is given to patients to help improve the services of a health provider or clinic. It’s not just clinics, but also hospitals and other similar facilities that need this. If you’re looking for a template to use as a reference, check out the sample medical clinic feedback questionnaire below.


Real Estate Agent Feedback Form

Real estate agents or brokers deal with all kinds of customers. In their line of work, customer satisfaction and relations can determine the outcome of a sales contract or deal. Thus, it’s only practical that a realtor or real estate agent feedback form is part of the overall customer relationship management process.


Music Festival Feedback Form

Music festivals are highly anticipated events. But there is always room for improvement- especially for big and recurring events. When creating your musical festival feedback form, you can include a company logo and contact information, as seen in the template below.


Online Store Feedback Form

With its sustained success over the past years, e-commerce shows no signs of slowing down. In order to constantly grow and improve e-commerce as a service, customer feedback is absolutely important. The template below is an online store feedback form with a series of predetermined questions and a simple rubric.


Trucking Logistics Feedback Form

Trucking and logistics is an essential service. Especially with a globalized and interconnected economy, there is a great demand for both domestic and international courier services. The template below is a basic trucking logistics feedback form to help delivery services and courier companies constantly enhance and improve their services.


Car Wash Feedback Form

Car wash companies operate relatively simple businesses but they still attract a lot of clients. To ensure quality service remains consistent and exceptional, car wash feedback forms may be handed to clients at random. In addition to a questionnaire, you can also include a section for customer comments and suggestions, as seen in the example below.


Employee Feedback Form

Employee feedback is a crucial part of professional growth and development. It is the manager or supervisor’s duty to provide constructive and actionable feedback to employees. Make sure to include instructions and evaluation criteria or rubric.


Tech Startup Feedback Form

Startup businesses already have the usual burdens and struggles of being a new business. And when you’re a tech startup, the competition is cutthroat and hyper-competitive, especially in this day and age. To survive, it’s wise to constantly evolve and adapt by listening to clients through tech startup feedback forms.


Scuba Diving School Feedback Form

Scuba diving is a popular hobby and watersport. And since you need adequate training to engage in the sport, there are scuba diving schools to equip you with the knowledge and skills. For these schools to remain proficient and competitive, it’s important for them to gather feedback from students regarding lessons and training.


Request for Customer Feedback Form

Sometimes, customers need to be prodded to give feedback. Since customer feedback is optional, companies or businesses need to formally request for it. The example below is a basic request for customer feedback letter that you can use to give clients and customers.


Feedback Uses, Purpose, Importance

Feedback can be applied to essentially any area or field. Whether used for personal or professional reasons, feedback in all its different forms has several uses and importance. The following describes just some of the main uses and purposes of feedback.

Tool for Improvement

Feedback, particularly constructive feedback, is an important tool for improvement. It can help students, employees, and people in general learn and develop. Even informal feedback can be useful as long as it’s constructive and valuable.

Communication with Customer

Formal feedback forms, whether printed or digital, is an excellent communication tool to help you foster better relationships and touch base with customers. If you don’t have the time to directly converse with your client or customer, giving them a feedback form is a simple alternative.

Opportunity for Growth

Comments, suggestions, and recommendations are all opportunities for growth and learning. These are all different forms of feedback. When taken into account and applied correctly, constructive criticism and feedback can steer a business or individual in the right direction.

Data Analysis

Feedback forms are essential sources of data. They can be used as a key part of research or market studies. The data collected in feedback forms will eventually help shape policy and decision-making.

What’s In Feedback? Parts?

Basic Information

The first section should state basic information (e.g., name, designation, address, gender, etc.) of the one giving the feedback.


A brief explanation or instruction guide should be provided to help the respondent understand the purpose of the feedback.


Similar to a survey, a feedback form usually has predetermined criteria or rubric to create a more standardized measurement approach. Although this is not always necessary since some feedback forms can contain just open-ended questions.

Questions or Items

To gather feedback, you need to know what to look for and what to ask. The question items should be focused or specific and should also serve your overall objective.

Contact Information

In some cases, the company or individual seeking the feedback can leave their contact information in case the respondent has any questions, clarifications, or concerns about the items in the feedback form.

How to Design a Feedback Form?

1. Choose a feedback form size.

2. Decide on the purpose of the feedback form.

3. Select a feedback template.

4. Edit the title or intro of the feedback form.

5. Insert a rubric, criteria, and/or instructions.   

6. Edit and arrange the questions or items in a logical order.  

Feedback vs. Advice

Feedback is given in response to an action and is often considered more formal or structured.

Advice is simply counsel or guidance and is generally more informal compared to feedback.

What’s the Difference Between Feedback, Complaint, and Survey?

A feedback form is a formal document used to gather information and opinion for the purpose of improvement.

A complaint is a formal expression or document that involves making one’s grievances or negative feedback known.

A survey is a data collection tool that makes use of questionnaires and other similar techniques.

Feedback Form Sizes

Feedback forms can come in a number of sizes. Listed below are the most widely used feedback form sizes.

  • Legal
  • Letter
  • A4
  • A5

Feedback Ideas & Examples

If you need help crafting an effective feedback form, these feedback ideas and examples can help kickstart your creativity!

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How do you write feedback for a client?

To write feedback for a client, cite specific details and be honest as much as possible.

What is positive customer feedback?

It is when a customer has good things to say about a particular service or product.

How do you summarize survey feedback?

Look for recurring patterns or common survey responses to summarize the feedback.

How does a customer feedback system help your company grow?

A customer feedback system helps a company grow by taking into account the customer’s opinion, criticism, and suggestions all for the purpose of improving the company.

What should I write for employee feedback?

Note down the employee’s strengths as well as their areas of improvement.

How do you write feedback for a student?

Be open and honest but don’t forget to highlight the student’s positive attributes or recognize their effort too.

Why does giving feedback matter to your employees?

Employees can benefit greatly when constructive feedback is shared with them because it can help them grow.

How can feedback forms help your business grow?

Feedback forms are a customer-experience tool that can be used to help your business grow and improve the quality of your product or service.

What are the four types of feedback?

The four types of feedback are no feedback, negative feedback, constructive feedback, and appreciative feedback.

What is constructive feedback?

Constructive feedback is honest but useful feedback that offers the individual an opportunity to learn and move forward in a positive direction.