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15+ Hexagon Flyer Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

How do businesses make their products sell? By properly advertising it to the general public, of course. There are various advertising methods to choose from, but on this article, we will be talking about flyers and lots of them. You may also see free flyer templates.

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Now, how can you possibly make your flyers captivate the public and convince them to read what’s written on the piece of paper? By making your flyer design creative and easily noticeable. Being creative is one way to grab people’s attention, and that will be discussed further later in this article.

When getting creative, you can take advantage of all sorts of colors, patterns, fonts, and shapes. On this article, we will be featuring various multipurpose flyer templates, and all of them include a hexagon somewhere on the design. You can check out the template down below.

Electronic Sounds Hexagon Flyer Template

The summer is home for a lot of events, and an EDM—or Electronic Dance Music—event is no exception. It may still be the spring season but we are well aware of what comes right after, which is why if you are putting together an EDM event, then it is best that you do your preparations early. Above is a music event flyer template that you can use to promote your event, go ahead and download it. Since summer is fast approaching, you may also be interested in checking out some more summer event flyer templates.

Annual Report Hexagon Flyer Template

Abstract Hexagon Colors Flyer Template

Hexagon Information Graphics Flyer Template

Do you want to explain something using a minimalist and clean design? One that is able to feature the best qualities of the product or services that you are advertising and is also easy to read? If that is what you need for your marketing campaign, then you may be interested in the business flyer template above.

Definition of Hexagon

The hexagon is a geometric shape that consists of six sides of equal lengths and six corners with equal 120-degree angles. In a hexagon, if lines are drawn from one corner to the one on the opposite side, you would be able to form six equal triangles all with 60-degree internal angles.

The name hexagon was derived from the Greek terms “hex” which means six, and “gonia” which means corner. When put together, we get “hex-gonia“, which literally translates to six corners. You may also see sample flyer templates.

Drawing a Hexagon

Making an equally-shaped hexagon is simple, you will simply need to make a perfect circle using a drawing compass and draw one line that should pass along the center where you placed the needle of your compass. You may also see PSD flyer templates.

Once you have done that, place the needle of the compass on the spot where the single line meets the edges of the circle and place the drawing tip of the compass on the center of the circle. Once in position, draw a half circle (do this for both sides). You may also see abstract flyers.

Now, we assume that you have already made a perfect circle with a curved X-like symbol inside it. The last thing that you will need to do is draw straight lines along where the edges of the half circles and the single middle line crosses paths with the circle. And voila, you now have a hexagon. If you want to check for the symmetry, you may use a protractor for measuring the internal angles.

Hexagon Information Graphics Flyer Template

Creative Hexagon Frame Flyer Template

Hexagon Real Estate Flyer Template

For real estate agents or agencies out there, check out the real estate flyer template above, you may want to use it to promote your office or yourself if ever you are working as a freelance agent. If you are wondering where the hexagon is on the design, look closely on the design, the frames of the thumbnails are hexagon-shaped. For more templates to choose from, also check out our collection of modern real estate flyer templates.

Business Technology Hexagon Flyer Template

Importance of Flyers in Businesses

There are multiple ways that businesses and organizations are able to promote something and make it known to the general public, but with a lot of them to choose from, which one could be the most effective? You may also see invitation flyer templates.

And another question goes to mind when doing advertising marketing campaigns, “Are traditional methods still as effective as digital ones?”, considering that we are now living in a world that mostly revolves around computers and paperless tools.

The answer to that is yes. Printed out advertisement tools are still highly effective and are still the most preferred tool used by businesses and organizations alike. Since this article is about flyers, we will be listing down the reasons why flyers are still important up to this day. You may also see party flyer templates.

1. Flyers allow the advertising company or business to get as creative as they want in order to make the most out of their campaign. Also, getting creative extends to more than just the images or illustrations incorporated on the design, it also speaks of how contents are being arranged to make it easy for the readers to gather the details they need. Once they are able to pull this off effectively, they will be one step ahead in the competition.

2. Flyers are tangible tools, and many people still prefer to have something that’s tangible as opposed to something that they can only get from their email’s inbox or from the internet in general. Another advantage of having something that’s tangible is that people can pass it along from one person to another. In other words, a single copy of the flyer may be able to inform multiple prospects. You may also see party flyer templates.

3. Flyers can help you measure how effectivity your advertising campaign is through simple math. By measuring it according to its percentage, you will only need to take note of the total number of flyers distributed and compare it with the number of prospects who were successfully converted to actual paying clients. You may also see design flyer templates.

4. But the only thing that makes flyers more superior and preferred by businesses and organizations as opposed to the other methods is its inexpensiveness. You won’t need to spend a lot to be able to make flyers, you won’t even need to exert a lot of effort since designing them is not that difficult. Therefore, even those on a tight budget or those who simply know the basics of graphic designing can make their own flyers.

Simple Hexagon Pattern Flyer Template

Creative Hexagon Frame Flyer

If you prefer something that leans more toward simplicity, then the template above may be the perfect pick for you. Somewhere below, we have a list of guidelines when it comes to designing a flyer, and one of which talks about simplicity. This minimalist flyer design features only a single hexagon situated right at the center, and you can use it either for the logo of your business, or for an image of the product that you are trying to sell.

Brain Storm Hexagon Flyer Template

Fitness Gym Hexagon Flyer Template

Guidelines When Designing Flyers

1. Always consider functionality first before focusing on the appearance of the flyer. It is even advisable to make the design lean more towards being informative than being pretty. The reason behind this is because flyers are supposedly made for promoting something and to provide readers with reasons as to why they should avail of the products or services, or why they should attend the event that is being advertised. Once the functionality has been taken cared of, you can now add some enhancements to the design in order for it to stand out. You may also see chalkboard flyer templates.

2. To save you a lot of time as well as to make the flow of your design process run smoothly, you may want to consider making a draft or sketch of the entire design to guide you. You may want to do this by making a rough illustrated version of the design that you have in mind. This way, once you have your draft or sketch, you will know what to do with the design. You may also see A5 flyer templates.

3. Strictly observe white space on your flyer’s design because this will help a lot in making your flyers look more organized and less cluttered. White space on a design can create a division in between elements making them distinguishable from the others, thus making it easier for the readers to find the information that they need. Aside from that, white space can also make your design look clean, presentable, and professional, and you can add as much white space as necessary on your design. You may also see fantastic invitation flyer templates.

4. Take advantage on the header of the flyer to provide the readers with a first impression either towards your flyer or towards what you are trying to advertise. If you are trying to sell something, then the header should already be able to give the reader an idea as to the purpose of the flyer without having to read all of the content. The best way to make your header easily noticeable is to make use of a large and bold font for it, or you may also use a different color for the header to make it almost impossible to miss. You may also see free PSD flyer templates.

5. Another thing that you can take advantage ofa when designing flyer is the color. Use vibrant colors on the background and all the elements on the design in order for it to effectively grab the attention of the prospects. And speaking of colors, make sure to use a background color that effectively helps in making the foreground layer stand out. Basically, if your elements are light colored, then your background should be more on the darker shade, and vice versa. You may also see luxury flyer templates.

6. But above everything else, it is best that you just keep your flyer design as simple as possible. In fact, it is in simplicity that brings out the best of the design. Also, with a simplistic design, you won’t be risking your flyer from becoming cluttered and the readers will be forced to focus on the more relevant features. You may also see printable flyer templates.

Corporate Business Hexagon Flyer Template

Honeycomb Style Hexagon Flyer Template

Have you ever seen an actual honeycomb? If you have, then have you noticed that it consists of several hexagons which is where the bees store the honey? It is indeed an amazing and mouthwatering sight. The template above consists of a series of hexagons, and some of them are colored yellow, which is why at first glance, you can immediately associate it with a honeycomb. For this template, you can fill some or all of the hexagons with details of the products or services, or you may also fill it with images or illustrations, it is totally up to you. You may also see free PSD flyer templates.

Modern Blue Hexagons Corporate Flyer Template

Awesome Multipurpose Hexagon Flyer Template

If you need a flyer template that you can use over and over again for different purposes, then the template above may be what you are looking for. The great thing about this corporate business flyer template is that it leans more towards dark colors, which is very helpful in making the images inside the hexagon-shaped frames stand out.

If you have found the flyer layout template that you need, then go ahead and download it now. However, if you are still unsure whether or not the templates on our website are the ones that you should download, then continue reading on.

For one thing, we guarantee you the best quality from our flyer templates since these were created by some of today’s best graphic artists. When gathering these templates, we actually had to go through hundreds of them but we only picked out the most unparalleled ones in order to provide you with flyer templates that are worth every penny. You may also see 3D flyer templates.

These templates are also fully editable, but depending on the file’s format, you will need to use either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator for editing them. And to stay true to our word, these flyer templates are inexpensively priced and are very easy to download. Now point that mouse cursor where it should be, click on that orange button now to start downloading your very own hexagon shape flyer template.

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