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Corporate business companies need as much advertising as other companies do. There are available mediums for that such as television, internet, radio, and newspaper. The advantage of getting their company advertised is they would be known to the people, thus gaining potential customers.

One way of quick and effective advertising is through flyers. These are small-sized papers packed with content which advertises a product, service or an event. Flyers are distributed all over the city for the people to read quickly. It is easy and fast compared to other advertising methods.

If you need to have a flyer for your business, check out our collection for some fresh ideas.

InDesign Corporate Flyer


Business Company Flyer Template


Corporate Flyer Design


Tips For Designing A Corporate Business Flyer

While design seems easy to others, in reality, it’s not. Many things have to be taken into account before jumping into the designing process. To guide you with this, here are some steps in designing corporate business flyers:

1. Think of an idea for the design.

Have a concrete idea for the design of your flyer. Since it’s a corporate business theme, go for darker colors. It exudes authority and professionalism than the brighter ones. Flyers usually vary in sizes, but still, all the details have to be cramped in a limited space. Get a piece of paper and draft the design of your flyer. These raw drawings and markings will guide you in making the design in the future.

2. Find a functional template.

There are several templates available on the internet. A good looking one pleases the eyes, but a functional template wins over the looks. Find a template that is easy to customize, flexible and decent. Provide an image if you plan to sell a product using a flyer. Have the contact information accessible upon seeing the flyer as well.

Corporate Business Flyer

3. Make use of the small space.

Maximizing what is within the small space of a flyer is an extreme skill. You have to use grids in your design to perfectly place the details that you need to put. Map out the grids on the space to determine where to put the most and least important details. Do not leave any small space unfilled. You may also like corporate flyer templates.

4. Find a unique edge.

If you want your flyer to stand out, find a unique quality to it that you can use. Implement it in the design. Make sure it stands out on the final output and you can feel its uniqueness.

5. Go for a minimal aesthetic.

This is for designers who want a cleaner and more sophisticated approach in their flyers. Minimalism can be a good approach in modern flyer designs. Make sure it’s not to dull and still maintains the minimal feel by using a certain set and shade of dark colors. Neutrality can sometimes yield good results, depending on how it is appreciated.

6. Experiment with colors.

If you aim for a colorful flyer, try experimenting with colors. Combine two light colors, or two dark ones, or a dark and a light one. There’s nothing wrong with giving something a try as long as it’s worth it. Bright colors are for summer festivals while the darker ones can be reserved for nighttime parties. Make sure the color combination still looks appealing to you and your target audience. You may also like company flyer templates.

7. Avoid sacrificing visuals.

May it be a minimal design or a flashy one, never sacrifice the visuals of your flyer. Remember that this is your best way to advertise a product and service. Use the design to its maximum abilities and make it appealing to the people. Your visuals don’t have to go to waste. This is what people remember for a long time.

PSD Corporate Flyer Template


Modern Corporate Business Flyer


Busienss Partner Flyer Template


Creative Business Flyer Template


Corporate Business Flyer Template


8. Be specific inputting information.

Since flyers are advertisements which are easy to read, be more specific in writing the information. Arrange it in a way that readers will know which ones to read first. Be concise in writing them as well. No one likes to read a lengthy flyer given its space. If it’s a flyer for an event, make sure the event’s name, date, time and venue are in bigger fonts than the other information. The size fonts you use on the information can affect its readability. Be careful in putting the necessary information and the font sizes. You may also like printable business flyers.

9. Give the design a friendly touch.

A good design is not just visually appealing but with a friendly feel as well. Make a design in a way that can touch and reach out to people. This could create a good impression especially when you use photos of people with smiling faces. It requires good photography skills and natural emotions to make the design friendlier than ever. You may also see business event flyers.

10. Dabble with shapes and moods.

In case of using multiple images for your flyers, you can use shapes in putting and arranging these. Triangles are good ones to use if you want a flashy approach to your flyer. Setting the mood on your flyer needs some tweaking on the colors. The shades can set a bright and dull mood on the flyer designs.

12. Be memorable.

Come up with a design that attracts attention and urges people to take an action. Blend in some good photos, lovely design and stylish typography on your flyer. While experimenting with colors and design is not a bad thing, see to it that your flyer is striking and memorable to anyone who receives it. It decreases the chances of being thrown away and it can be kept as a keepsake.

13. Go over it again.

After finishing the most important parts of designing the flyer, go back to it again. See if there are minor imperfections that need to be edited. Double check for other overlooked small details. If everything is done and all set, have it printed. You may also like word business flyers.

Simple Corporate Business Flyer


Corporate A4 Flyer Template


Clean Corporate Business Flyer


Advantages of Using A Flyer

To most people, flyers are just a form of printed advertisement that can be disregarded anytime. The content is too straightforward in nature. But there are some advantages in using flyers for promotions. Take a look at these benefits and make your own flyer.

1. Low cost.

Printing flyers is way cheaper than having your product, service, and event advertised in newspapers, radio, television, and internet. You just give it to people and the reaction after it matters on how they understand the content. The kind of content really matters in flyers. It can be read or ignored by the public.

2. Easy to produce.

Flyers are easy to produce. Just get a template online and think of a concept on how to design it. After the designing process is over, you just have to print it and start the distribution. Unlike in other media forms, flyers are easy to execute. The advertisement takes longer to be executed on television and radio.

3. Quick feedback.

Handing out flyers can give quick feedback to the company. The contact information is written in there and people can call up or message anytime if they have questions. This makes the company know how the public is reacting to their product. With this, they can find ways in reinventing their product or rebrand it as a whole.

4. Creative freedom.

Despite the limited space a flyer has, the designer can have a wide creative freedom on how he designs his flyer. There’s no standard code of conduct in designing flyers or any other printed material. You just have to balance the elements in making the flyer ad effective. You may also like construction company flyers.

5. Effective.

Flyers are effective in getting people to do something. Since the content is written in a straightforward manner, the people get the information they want easily. It’s up to them on what they will do next. You may also like sample invitation flyers.

There’s no shortcut in designing flyers. Everything has to be done step by step. See to it that you come up with a catchy, striking and appealing flyer for people to take interest in it. You may also like elegant flyer templates.

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