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20+ Craziest WhatsApp Status Ideas

The most top notch thing of this era is WatsApp status of people. Various people keep a keen eye on others status. Mostly people judge others on the basis of their social profiles and status. Thus, on should be presentable to the world. These ideas provide the funniest and craziest status for your WatsApp. We are here with the most innovative, coolest and most change worthy ideas to ponder upon. Your WatsApp status works as a parameter for various things in life. Thus, we are here to help you get the craziest Watsapp status ideas.

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Beat Your Opponent Status for Whatsapp | This WhatsApp status is more on the lighter side with a bit of pun intended in it. It states if you can’t beat your opponent in any competition, you can be smart and arrange for getting them beaten by someone else.

Speak Bad – Crazy Whatsapp Status | This WhatsApp status message has a rough and tough tone with a bad boy sort of feel. It states if you want to speak bad about me to anyone in my absence, you should come to me and I will tell more bad things.

Best Ideas Whatsapp Craziest Status | It is definitely a crazy status for WhatsApp. It gives a funny message and can be used during lazy times. It has a funny, crazy yet creative side which can be used to give a good image of you on WhatsApp.

Record my Dreams – Awesome Status for Whatsapp | This status for WhatsApp has a funny mixed with awe. It can be used to give a thoughtful outlook along with a good sense of humor on WhatsApp. The status has a crazy and unnatural side which is also interesting.

If you think Whatsapp Status | This WhatsApp status quote gives a rough and tough outlook about you and it also gives a feeling that you are not the one to mess up with. You can use this status to give out a bad boy attitude.

World of Fantasy – Status for Whatsapp | This WhatsApp status message is more on the funnier side and it states that you live in a world of fantasy and one should keep the reality away from you. It has a funny side as well as an unreal setting which makes it interesting.

Whatsapp Status Deep Breath | This status for WhatsApp has a deep meaning and a consoling voice. It’s ideal if you are having a bad time or just had a bad day. It has the soothing tone which states that it doesn’t mean the whole life is wasted.

Teacher Wears Sunglasses – Crazy Status | This one is a crazy status for WhatsApp and the emoticon at the end of it highlights the light and funny accent. It can be used to give out a funny outlook and the absence of logic or sense makes it interesting.

Forget What Hurt – Best Status | It’s the best WhatsApp status for the ones who are hurt or broken mentally. The meaning of the status is really amazing. You can use this to give out a meaningful message to forget the ones who hurt and to remember the lessons.

Whatsapp status for Pedestrians | This status has a funny tone and is also meaningful. It is a true fact that pedestrians don’t like many cars on road and vice versa. You can use this to give a thoughtful outlook. The funny tone will make it interesting.

Borrow a Kiss – Crazy Status | This status for WhatsApp has a funny and flirty tone which is the main source of interest. Along with that the unnatural and crazy outlook makes it unique and you can use it for setting up a funny and flirty conversation.

God is Really Ccreative – Crazy Status | This status has a cool and crazy outlook. In fact, you can use this to set up a funny and cool nature, stating that you are different from others and you are happy about it. The emoticon at the end justifies the funny accent.

Nobody Could Defeat me Status for Whatsapp | This cool WhatsApp status idea is best suited for giving a cool outlook. It also sets up a challenging atmosphere. It is one of the mostly used nowadays. You can use this popular WhatsApp status to build up a cool outlook.

Slap on Monday – Whatsapp Craziest Status | The crazy status is also cool and sets up a lazy outlook. It’s mainly because mostly lazy people don’t like Monday mornings as they have to get back to work. You can use it to have a funny and interesting attitude on WhatsApp.

Using of Photoshop – Craziest Whatsapp Status | This status for WhatsApp is a bit different from the rest and it shows the difference between how boys use Photoshop and how girls use it. It is a cool WhatsApp status for boys and if you have any rivalry with any girl, it’s a great one.

Look at Cupcakes – Whatsapp Status

AWESOME ENDS – Crazy Status

Fact: Phone on Silent – Whatsapp Status

My Father Always Told Me – Crazy Status

Time Does Not Wait – Best Crazy Whatsapp Status

He wants – Craziest Whatsapp Status

Above mentioned are some of the craziest status ideas for the popular chat application WhatsApp. You can take a look at all of them and pick the one which suites the best according to your mood and requirement. They are all cool, funky and unique and will set up a unique outlook to your WhatsApp contacts.

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