19+ Coolest WhatsApp Status Messages 2018


WhatsApp is considered one of the important social profiles of the world. People want to present themselves in the coolest, worth change forms. These messages can used as the different ideas to portray your identity in the world. In today’s technology world, WhatsApp works as a must have application for every android user. Such applications with no cost and good features have grabbed the attention of the entire world. You can also see WhatsApp Status Ideas. WhatsApp status and profile picture is trending like anything these days. Your status works as a way of expressing yourself.

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Special People Status Message for Whatsapp

special people status message for whatsapp

for-pcs.com If you just fell in love with someone, just a few days back, then this best WhatsApp love status, directed at that special someone will be able to convey the message as why that person is so special to you.

Keep Smiling – Status Message for Whatsapp

keep smiling status message for whatsapp

status-quote.com This short status message for WhatsApp, can be used to boost everyone’s self confidence that, no matter how many times you lose or anybody puts you down, just keep the smile intact as one day you will shine definitely because of your deeds.

Dreams – Whatsapp Status Message

dreams whatsapp status message

status-quote.com This cool status update for WhatsApp, is for motivating yourself and others that one should always try and fulfill their dream with complete hard work. Instead of telling everyone about your desires you should make that reality, and prove your worth.

Limited Edition – Cool Whatsapp Status

limited edition cool whatsapp status

status-quote.com Another super cool status message in the form of template should be used by everyone, to convey the message to the world that not only you are a special person, but also very rare to be found, it talks about your worth towards everyone.

Borrow Money – Fabulous Whatsapp Status

borrow money fabulous whatsapp status

status-quote.com This sarcastic status message can be used as your cool WhatsApp status message, for indirectly reminding anybody, be it your friend your relative, who borrowed money from you and now has forgotten or giving lame excuses, when asked to return the money to you.

Marriage is Like a Workshop – Whatsapp Status

marriage is like a workshop whatsapp status

status-quote.com This should definitely be considered as one of the funny WhatsApp status messages, which can be used by men who are married and want to portray the fun side of marriage directed towards his friends, family and especially his own wife.

Good at Sleeping Staus for Whatsapp

good at sleeping staus for whatsapp


When i was Born – Awesome Status Message

when i was born awesome status message


Do Not Be Afraid – Fabulous Whatsapp Status Message

do not be afraid fabulous whatsapp status message

status-quote.com This nice status for whatsapp is also put in a sarcastic way to tell the world that most of us make progress and shine in our career by taking advantage of other people. It is explained by taking famous game character Mario’s example.

Heart Touching Message for Whatsapp Status

heart touching message for whatsapp status

for-pcs.com This WhatsApp message should be used for someone, who is out for some work and away from his/her partner. It expresses the depth and explains that thinking about your love and missing badly is not being handled by you.

Love is Like a Rubber – Message for Whatsapp Status

love is like a rubber message for whatsapp status

for-pcs.com If you recently broke off with the love of your life, for some mistake you think your partner is responsible for. This message is directed towards that person to explain how much hurt you are due to the bad heartbreak.

If You Can’t Explain – Best Whatsapp Message for Status

if you can’t explain best whatsapp message for status


Everybody Knows How to Love – Love Whatsapp Status

everybody knows how to love love whatsapp status

for-pcs.com This is another heartbreak message, which can be put up as your WhatsApp status, to convey to your former lover, that getting into a relationship is very much simple, but maintaining it through thick and thin is something very difficult.

Met You by Fate – Whatsapp Message

met you by fate whatsapp message

for-pcs.com This message can be counted amongst one of the best WhatsApp status messages, apt for a person who recently fell in love with someone who was a part of his/her life from a long time, and the love just happened unknowingly.

Demo of Love – Best Whatsapp Message

demo of love best whatsapp message

for-pcs.com If you have recently proposed to any boy/girl, in spite of expressing your feelings, got rejected, couldn’t win the person’s trust and they still need to test you. This is to tell them if you can’t believe, you must leave.

Tired of Math – Awesome Whatsapp Message

tired of math awesome whatsapp message


Success is Under Construction – Cool Whatsapp Status

success is under construction cool whatsapp status

for-pcs.com If you got a setback in your path of success related to your personal or professional life, then this status message is self-motivating, it explains, maybe now it’s not the right time, but as the obstacles will be over, you will achieve success.

Never do Something – Best Whatsapp Message

never do something best whatsapp message1

reviewchain.com If your dear friend had heartbreak, then this status will boost their confidence and explain them not to take any hasty decision in this phase. This type of messages is also available as best WhatsApp status messages in hindi in other sites.

Last Seen At – Cool Whatsapp Status

last seen at cool whatsapp status1


Love Best Whatsapp Status Message

love best whatsapp status message

status-quote.com This status message should be used by all those lovey dovey couple, who want to express their love through some public display of affection on this social networking platform. It explains how deeply they feel and they can’t be apart from each other.

Not Believed in Magic – Cool Status for Whatsapp

not believed in magic cool status for whatsapp


> Conclusion

No matter how you feel today about yourself, about your loved ones, your professional life, current weather or everything happening around the world, in our collection of templates, you will find several cool status message options for every mood of yours. Use them and score over your friends in putting up the best WhatsApp status ever.

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