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18+ Toe Nail Designs

It is time to pay some attention to your toenails along with your fingernails! If you are already dressing up your nails with creative nail art, then why should you ignore your poor toe nails?

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Baseball Toe Nail Design

This nail art design for beginners is very easy and looks great on any complexion. All you have to do is coat your toenails with any base colour and let it dry. Then choose a few nail paints of your choice and form swirl designs with each colour.

Blue Toe Nail Design

This toe nail design is very cute and quite easy to paint. Choose a pale blue or gray shade as your toenail colour. Then paint your nails and let it dry. Form polka dots with white and border them with deep blue. You can also add tiny dots around the white ones.

Christmas Toe Nail Design

Christmas is round the corner and you are looking for toe nail design for pedicures to reflect it? Simply colour your toe nails alternately with green and orange glitter colours. You may add floral designs in them to make your toenails appear more attractive.

Cute Summer Toe Nail Design

This nail polish design doesn’t require any professional help and you can make your toenails very attractive. Colour your nails with white solid paints and let it dry. Then add polka dots with contrasting black paints or black sequence.

Cute Toe Nail Design

For this toe nail design for beginners, you will first have to paint your toenails with solid black nail paints. Let it dry and with a small brush and white nail paint, form various geometric shapes, lines and circular patterns to make it appealing.

Cute Toes Nail Designs

This flower toe nail design is also very easy to create if your are a good painter. First colour your toenails with any colour- pink, turquoise blue, light green, yellow or anything. After it dries, form floral patterns on upper right corners of your toenails.

Easter Toe Nail Design

This nail art design for beginners is great for any festive season. Paint your toenails with pearl pink colour and then divide the upper part of your nail in a triangular shape. After that, colour the upper half with black and add glittery sequences on it.

Easy to do Toe Nail Design

This nail art design for beginners is very easy. You can paint your toenails with turquoise blue or bright pink and then form floral designs on the nails with various contrasting nail paints shades like black, white, orange etc.

Patriotic Toe Nail Design

You can be an owner of this exotic nail design with a few easy steps. Simply colour your toenails with solid white nail paints and ley it dry. Then divide the nails diagonally and colour a part with blue or green or orange or any colour of your choice. Then draw a black border along the diagonal and add polka dots.

Summer Toe Nail Art Design

This nail polish design looks very chic and stylish. Take a glossy nail paint of any colour and apply double coats and let it dry. Then draw lines with various colours like black, silver, white across the nails and add silver glittery sequences across the black lines.

Summer Toe Nail Design

This pedicure design is sleek and elegant and you may require a professional help to get this done correctly. In case you want to try it yourself, then paint your nail with any bright gel colour and apply two coats. Once it dries up take a sharp paint brush and white nail paint to draw flowers and leaves at the upper part of your toenails.

Toe and Nail Design

This toe nail design for pedicures comprises of a melange of bright colours. To begin with, paint your toenails with a neutral base or a pearly pink nail colour. Then draw hollow floral patterns with black colour and paint the rest of the nail with different colours.

Toe Nail Design

This one is simple and gorgeous. If you have a very fair skin then colour all your toenails with solid black nail paints. Apply two coats and let it dry, then form floral patterns with silver or golden glossy paint. Alternatively, you may use light shades if you have a dark skin tone.

Toe Nail Design Idea

This beautiful toe nail design for pedicures is great for beginners. Instead of colouring all your nails with solid bright shades, you can add various sequences and swirls with contrasting colours like white, silver and black.

Toe Nail Design 2014

This toe nail art design for beginners is very beautiful and intricate. First, colour all your toe nails with solid white colour and let it dry. Then pick up some spicy colours and make floral patterns with them, add stars and other geometric shapes to make the design congested.

Toe Nail Design Picture

Toe Nail Polish Design

Toes Nails Design

Unique Toe Nail Design

  • You can create a diagonal shape on your toenails very easily. Paint the nails with one color, say black, and let it dry. Then tear off small pieces of masking tape and cover a part of the nails diagonally and paint the exposed part with another color, say a metallic gold.
  • Toenails, Flower nail Designs look very cute with polka dots! So experiment with various color combinations, and shapes of the dots. You can put small dots of pastel colors like peach, pink, white and yellow on toenail that are painted black. Small white dots on solid colors like, red, pink, green, dark blue and black also look very beautiful.
  • Another cool trick is to have various designs on different toenails. You can paint polka dots, stripes, diagonal two-tones, leopard prints, paw prints, lady-bird prints etc. You can also see Nail Polish Designs.
  • Paint a pretty flower with five dots on the biggest toenail and leave the others monochromatic.

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