22+ Watercolor Tattoos You Must See Before Getting it Done!

Tattoos are a new way of expressing the artistic nature of an individual. Adding uniqueness to the body, these make every individual different from others. Containing hidden meanings behind such tattoos, this creativity defines a new way of looking into the world. Every person has a different taste and so does the tattoo of every individual state a different meaning. This not only makes a person look good but also these have become a new fashion trend in this modern era. You can also see Abstract Tattoos Design.

Watercolor tattoo looks exceptionally unique and artistic. They add beauty to the body as well as the clothes you are wearing. Getting a tattoo is a hard process. You never know which Tattoo Drawing will look good on you and which will not. Although there are many designs available online it adds more confusions.

How are Watercolor Tattoos Done?

The watercolor designs are realistic to look and the at the same time have an abstract look with much less details because of the nature of the water colors used. The water color tattoos are really beautiful and colorful to look with a tinge of abstract nature to the tattoo making it unique. The tattoos can also be made as designed by crayons.

Geometric Turtle Watercolor Tattoo

  • geometric turtle watercolor tattoo1

Originating to symbolize turtles, this artistic creativity shows us a new way to look at them. Further with modern design and use of geometry gives them a total complete different look, making them stylish and cool.


Beautiful Watercolour Cat Tattoo

  • beautiful watercolour cat tattoo1

These beautiful sketches are used to symbolize cat. With different design involved in making them, gives them whole new attire. Further these are mostly suited for cat lovers.


Cande Cool Watercolor Tattoo

  • cande cool watercolor tattoo1

Cande Tattoo involves encryption of latest and trendy sketches on the body. Making them look cool, these tattoos further give a classy look to those who likes enjoying their life to the fullest. Giving them more refreshing attire, these are best suited for vacations.


Artistic Birds Watercolor Tattoo Design

  • artistic birds watercolor tattoo design1

Such watercolor tattoos stand as a symbol for freedom. The bird depicted in them stands as a sign of achieving great height in life. Further the young people always aspire to live freely and enjoy their life to the fullest, hence these tattoos symbolize them to overcome obstacles and live their life as they want.


Awesome Watercolor Girl Tattoo Design

  • awesome watercolor girl tattoo design1

These tattoos symbolize women power. Such tattoo shows us the strength of women in real world and how they can achieve success on their own, hence symbolizing equality in the society.


Grapes Best Watercolor Tattoo

  • grapes best watercolor tattoo1

Such watercolor tattoos are designed to show modern creativity and art. Depicting the image of grapes make them look good and yet being cool with latest trend in the market.


Hurted Lady WaterColor Tattoo Design

  • hurted lady watercolor tattoo design1

Such tattoos are designed to show the feelings of a girl. A lady has to go through a lot of changes in the society. And in the meanwhile gets hurt many a times. These tattoos symbolize the deep sorrows that a lady hides within herself.


New Flower Designed Watercolor Tattoo

  • new flower designed watercolor tattoo1

A flower is symbol of fresh morning that comes after every dark night. Hence, these tattoos are a symbol of fresh start and happiness in every human’s life.


Geometric Triangle & Circle WaterColor Tattoo

  • geometric triangle circle watercolor tattoo1

Showing the loves for mathematics, these funny tattoos are designed for those who have deep affection for mathematics subject. Crafted with simplicity, these tattoos look good in hand and give a simpler yet classy look.


Huming Bird Watercolor Tattoo Best Design

  • huming bird watercolor tattoo best design1

Designed to symbolize humming bird, these beautiful watercolor tattoos are a great way to show the artistic the skill present in every human being. Making them look good, these designs suits every individual who has a passion for creativity.


Octopus & Jellyfish Water Color Tattoo Design

  • octopus jellyfish water color tattoo design1

Symbolizing the dark creatures present beneath the sea level, these beautiful tattoos are great way of showing inner strength present inside each human being.


Victor Elephant Watercolor Tattoo

  • victor elephant watercolor tattoo1

These designs are made in honor of symbolizing the elephants. This creativity looks much better on those who like working hard in the gyms. Elephant indicates outer strength with inner softness that each man should possess within themselves.


Wolf Watercolor Tatto Set of Animal

  • wolf watercolor tatto set of animal1

These tattoos are been drawn to represent wolf. Wolf has a legacy of having a great relationship with human beings. Holding a great importance in culture and religion of nomadic peoples, these tattoos serves as a symbol of respect.


Watercolor Eye Tattoo Best Design

  • watercolor eye tattoo best design1

These designs are based on mixed emotion of an eye. With beautiful designs and creativity these looks good when drawn on hand.


Best Watercolor Tattoo of Fox

  • best watercolor tattoo of fox2

Based on representation of fox, these tattoos are of great importance in many tribal regions of the country. With artistic approach and creativity these serve best on muscular hands.


Black Flowers Temporary Watercolor Tattoo

  • black flowers temporary watercolor tattoo1


Lion Water Color Tattoo Design

  • lion water color tattoo design1


Spectacular Watercolor Tattoo Conceptual Design

  • spectacular watercolor tattoo conceptual design1


The watercolor tattoo is loved by everyone for their unique look. the watercolor tattoos with conceptual designs such as landscapes, sceneries etc. are loved by everyone for their beauty and uniqueness.

Awesome Lion Watercolor Tattoo Design to Print on Your Hand

  • awesome lion watercolor tattoo design to print on


Cat Watercolor Tattoo on Lady Neck

  • cat watercolor tattoo on lady neck1


Watch Watercolor Tattoo on Wrist

  • watch watercolor tattoo on wrist1


A watch tattoo on wrist is an intelligent way of having a tattoo . The tattoo can be designed in many ways based on the choice of the customer and watch tattoos are loved by everyone irrespective of age and gender.

Cute Butterfly Watercolor Tattoo Design


Butterflies are cute and attractive with bright colors. The butterfly tattoos are cute to look and these tattoos can be made on ankles, fingers, wrists etc. These tattoos are preferred by young women and girls as they can be made in small sizes and they look cute and attractive.

Clock Owl Watercolor Bird Rose Tattoo Design


The combination of clock and owl is an unique one as owl is known for its nocturnal nature. This clock owl and rose combination tattoo signifies the wakefulness, alertness and the importance of time. This tattoo looks great on sleeves.

A person goes through huge research process before actually getting inked. It is recommended to consult the doctor to examine your skin before you get inked. Tattoos can be dangerous to the skin and might not react positively. Many people have suffered because of it.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a watercolor tattoo design. Your search ends here. We present to you the best of Watercolor tattoo designs. They are unique in their designs. Their appeal is so immense that people will not keep eyes off it. Go through them and find the best design which will look best on you. All the best! See this Tattoo Drawings.

What are Watercolor Tattoos?

Watercolor tattoos have a unique look as they designed based on the watercolor paintings. The watercolor paintings are natural, unique and have an abstract look due to the nature of the watercolors. As they watercolors are water based, they have a slightly dull and abstract which makes them subtle and beautiful. The watercolor tattoos are also designed in the similar manner which makes them subtle and beautiful.

Such a unique way of representing one’s creativity is great way of symbolizing a person’s thoughts and beliefs. The hidden meaning behind each tattoo makes them different from one another. Not only this gives a classy look to a person but also symbolizes what those tattoos stand for.

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