26+ Creative Animated GIF Designs

GIF – Graphical Interface Format. A fancy address to moving art. If you want to plant instant smiles on the readers’ faces, placing GIFs is the easiest trick available. They consume less space compared to videos. Be amazed and inspired by these creative animated GIFs. They are literally awesome things you have ever seen. Unleash the real potency of GIF images and let your creativity go bold like never before with these. Any practice other than this to lure readers is just beating a dead horse.

cartoon gif animated

Creative Animated Cosmetics Tube Mock-Up

creative animated cosmetics tube mock up

This Animated Cosmetics Tube Mock-Up costs $10. The pack comes with 3 animated slides and 6 still slides. All the layers are organized and editable via Smart Objects.

Funny Animated GIF

funny animated gif

If Birds take an air journey, this is how it could be. In this GIF, the birds are so “humanish”. While the front one is patiently reading a book, the back seat passenger bird keeps kicking from behind. You can use this for your Animated Logos.

Character Design Animated GIF

character design animated gif

This is amazing. Age is just a number for people who are young at heart. An old man with a bald head is skating and that camera movement really sells.

Creative Animated GIF in Train

creative animated gif in train

A moving tram with passengers in it. Three seated while one curvy lady is standing. Straphangers are common in urban areas. But let the ladies sit in the seats allotted to them.

Cartoon GIF Animation

cartoon gif animated

Another imaginative GIF. This guy looks like the famous toon character ‘Denver’. He is flying in the air using a hoverboard. Yes, it’s the jet powered hoverboard with an Animated Background of iterative design.

Illustration Animated GIF

illustration animated gif

Which way do you nod? Here it is shown that the designers nod their head in one way while their peers – developers practice the gesture the other way. A humorous and funny image.

Steal Your Thunder

steal your thunder

Every cloud has a silver lining. Everybody has their own talent to showcase. But here two clouds are tussling for one thunder. It all lies in the ideology. By the way, don’t steal others’ thunders.

Keep Your Chin Up

keep your chin up

In this GIF, a school girl is doing treadmill with her bulldog, who is also dressed in school uniform. Show this to your kids when they are reluctant to go to school.

Hit the Nail on the Head

hit the nail on the head

Digital Art GIF by Argodaemon

digital art gif by argodaemon

Icon Motion Animated GIF

icon motion animated gif

Wallet PSD by Anton Badashov

wallet psd by anton badashov

Santa Snowman GIF Design

santa snowman gif design

Baby Panda GIF Design

baby panda gif design

Funny Baby Girl & Dog in Summer

funny baby girl dog in summer

Barking up the Wrong Tree

barking up the wrong tree

Convert the static images to mini-narratives using these 10 clever GIF images. The collection also plagues you some ideas about Animated Google Doodles. Which one did you choose?

Digital Art Animation GIF

digital art animation gif

Creative Animated GIF by Chris Phillips

creative animated gif by chris phillips

Motion Graphics Animated GIF

motion graphics animated gif

Creative Manimals Animated GIF

creative manimals animated gif

Branding Minimal Animated GIF

branding minimal animated gif

Animated GIF Fusion Dance

animated gif fusion dance

Manimal Lions Animated GIF

manimals lions animated gif

Simple Animated GIF

simple animated gif

Statue of Liberty Animated GIF

statue of liberty animated gif

Packing Mockup GIF Design

packing mockup gif design

Animated GIF by Chris Phillips

animated gif by chris phillips


So far so good. Isn’t it? Hope they help you to bring the art to life. We all know that GIFs are incredible online. Let your standstill instructions wiggle with joy. They are so captivating that you won’t be able to look away. Furnish your creative craftsmanship with these.