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20+ Hyper Realistic Drawings

Right from the start, many artists engraved their marks on the different objects to replicate what they saw. But not all managed to portray the exact attributes of the nature. Only rare artists were given the talent to produce the exact same picture by taking care of every minute detail. see this Exhilarating Hand Paintings.

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In the 19th century, high resolutions cameras were taken its finest shape but still it didn’t deteriorate the passion of the artists to copy the real world through their brush and other utensils. On the contrary, these cameras uplift the passion and made painting more remote as high resolution pictures can be taken anywhere to be painted. Here are the top ten hyper Realistic Drawings.

Their First Wedding Anniversary Drawing

The image of a beautiful couple in pencil will make you stare it for a long time. From the charm in their smile to the expressions in their eyes has been recreated with its full grace. The detailing and the perfection are beyond normal.

Young Boy Realistic Pencil Drawing


This image of a curious boy with his wide eyes and folded lips reflect his feelings completely. Along with the innocence of his age, the curiosity in his eyes and the minute details in the expressions will make you wonder about the perfection in the drawing


Cute Baby Realistic Drawing Download


A baby with its cute big eyes and small curly fingers is amazing. You will go crazy when you see the picture of a baby recreated with full grace. The eyes, the hair and the skin tone is awesomely detailed. The perfection in the shading is beyond words.

Drawings of Minimalist Hyper Realistic Portraits

It is oblivious that the face looks different when seen from different perspectives. Here is an amazing pencil drawing to illustrate that. The looks and expression of the lady with her open mouth is unbelievably recreated with charm

Nina dobrev Realistic Pencil Drawing

This portrait of Nina Dobrev will widen your eyes with its amazing beauty and perfection. With the great detailing in hair, the portrait seems like having a life. The twinkle in the eyes will make you look the image, again and again.

Xavier Realistic Pencil Drawing Download

This pencil drawing of Xavier can be considered as the perfect example of amazing pencil art. By recreating those fine lines in the faces, the image has gone something beyond a normal one. The detailing in theThe portrait of Mariusz will make you wonder about the possibilities in pencil drawing eyes is just incomparable

Eye Macro Realistic Pencil Drawing Free Download

You would certainly confuse with a photograph and a drawing if you see this image. The white portion of the eye is stunningly recreated with all its details. The eyelashes and the small details in the iris will make you crazy about pencil art.

Download Blob on Face Realistic Pencil Drawings

Drawing the wet skin and the water drops on the skin is really challenging. But when you see this image where wetness has been recreated with pencil, you would stay stunned with the hyper-realistic looks of the picture.

Anthony Realistic Pencil Drawing for Free

The perfection of the image of a man’s picture lies in the way the beard mustache and eyebrows are drawn .Apart from other body parts, the illustration of hairy parts does be done with ultimate care. Here is an amazing picture that has recreated the tiny beard and mustache with complete grace.

Beauty Face Free Realistic Drawing

The beauty of an image is not in its completeness, but in the art residing in it. The image of a beautiful lady without the outline of the face will show you the pencil art on another light. The angle and perspective of the drawing are truly appreciable.

Maxres Default Realistic Elephant Drawings


You would be shocked to see how beautifully an elephant is recreated with a pencil. With its thick skin and its fine lines, the skin of the elephant looks ultra realistic. The folding on the skin of the elephant and its other body parts are also recreated as such.


Realistic Anime Drawing Free Download


You might never believe that you can draw the eyelashes with ultimate reality until you see this drawing. Apart from the very big picture, this drawing focuses to illustrate a single eye with all its natural features like the shades, lashes, and tear film.


Mark Stewart Realistic Drawings


Drawing the black and gray hairs in salt and pepper style is a really challenging one when it comes to pencil drawing. The white lines have to standout but has to blend with the drawing either. Here is an awesome sample drawing where you can see the perfect illustration of hair.

Realistic Eye Drawing Free Download


You might never believe that you can draw the eyelashes with ultimate reality until you see this drawing. Apart from the very big picture, this drawing focuses to illustrate a single eye with all its natural features like the shades, lashes, and tear film.


Realistic Drawing Portaits No Arms Mariusz Kedzierski


The portrait of Mariusz will make you wonder about the possibilities in pencil drawing. The spectacles and its reflection on the skin when light falls on it is just heavenly. The detailing of the eyes and the add-ons such as specs are really inspirable.

Thor Realistic Drawing Free Download

deviantart.net | Who doesn’t love Thor. This is a beautiful painting of Thor looking back. The expression in his eyes has been so aptly captures that you cannot help but wonder if it is actually a painting.

Download Jennifer Aniston Portrait Drawing

This image of Jennifer Aniston will make you Wow. With her graceful smile, her portrait has been recreated with the magic of graphite. The perfection in the shading and lining of hair is just unimaginable

Finally a New Portrait Drawing Realistic

This is a marvellous painting of a woman. The way the details of the hair has been painted is worth every ounce of appreciation. The black and white sketch makes this painting looks more like a monochrome photograph.

Lioness White on Black Small Realistic Drawing

realisticpencildrawing.com | This is a very realistic drawing of a lioness sitting and staring at something. The black background makes the lioness the main object of focus. The eyes look as good and fierce as a real lioness’s would.

Realistic Pencil Lion Drawing Download

realisticpencildrawing.com | This is a beautiful and quite realistic drawing of a lion with its paws on the branches of a tree. The shadows have been drawn perfectly. The attention given to the details is praiseworthy.

Realistic Wolf Eye Drawing by Lethalchris

deviantart.net | Eyes are a difficult object to draw. So much of expression needs to be captured. This is a fabulous drawing of a wolf’s eye. The details captured of the eye are quite commendable.

The main idea behind a painting is to bring the object to life. Realistic drawings aim to do just that. The above templates are realistic drawing of different objects including human face, animals and animal eyes. All the photos look life like. You can download or print the above templates.

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