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Be it for dedicated groups or self help websites once in a while all web designers have felt the requirement of inspirational templates. Find the best collection of such templates in small, compact and vector formats which can be edited with little effort. They include beautiful positive messages, well known quotes with accompanying photographs or backgrounds. A single template can be modified for digitally designing backgrounds, wallpapers, themes etc.... Read More

fathers day card featured

4+ Father’s Day Card Templates

A father possesses great qualities. He provides, protects, respects, and loves his children endlessly. Fathers may look tough but they always have a soft heart to give love and care. Now that Father’s Day is coming, we should all show them our appreciation for bringing us into this world. This coming Father’s Day, make them feel loved through a personalized card. Fathers play a big role in everyone’s lives; wherever we may go and matter what we become, they are part of us. A Father’s Day Card might sound simple but it can gives a big impact to the receiver.

18 Best Chocolate Packaging Designs

“Life is a box of chocolates.” That’s one phrase we’re sure everyone has heard at some point in our lives. Whether that points out to life’s unpredictability or its ability to taste bittersweet, life really does resemble chocolates in a way. And what does a box of chocolates have in resemblance to life? Well, every box is unique and a different experience to every person.

14 Excellent Branding Graphic Designs for Inspiration

Branding is an essential part of your business taking off and reaching the heights of success. It’s something that should be thoroughly planned and excellently translated into your works. Your brand is not merely embodied in one physical structure but in all aspects of your business—from stationeries to product packaging to events paraphernalia.

12 Best Book Illustrations on Behance

As George R.R. Martin once put it, “Sleep is good, he said, but books are better.” You can’t really help but agree to this sentiment, especially if you’re a huge bookworm. There’s always something about books that makes you want to stay up late at night, turning page after page as if out to discover a hidden secret of the universe. After all, are not books our portal to a world more magical than ours?

10 Best Packaging Illustrations

The package plays just as important a role as the product itself. It’s one of the very first factors that gets people interested about what you have to offer. How you present your product is one way of presenting your brand, and eventually drawing the right customers to your business.