20+ Crazy/Sexy Nail Designs

Match your nails with your sexy outfit to get a more complete look now. Understatement isn’t always preferable and the sheer variety of nail design ideas waiting to be experimented with will compel you to go crazy and come up with creative and attractive nail art. The key is to not be inhibited.

crazy nail designs

Crazy Gradient Nails Design

crazy gradient nails design
When you have a dress that has dark and light shade, the gradient effect in the nails will be the greatest add-on that will compliment the beauty and design of your costume. If you want to look elegant even at the nail tips, you can try out this beautiful gradient design that will enhance the beauty of the new designer wears.

Crazy Acrylic Nail Design

crazy acrylic nail design
For a night party, the most beautifully highlighted colors will be black and white. Would you love to try out that awesomely alluring color combination on your nails? If so here is an awesome design for you to try out tonight to blast the party!

Crazy Colorful Nail Design

crazy colorful nail design
Are you planning for a crazy sunny day out? If so, it would be fun to be a bit colourful and to look cute. Here is the craziest nail design for you to try out at the upcoming beach season that will compliment your holiday tees and lazy trousers.

Crazy Cool Nail Design

crazy cool nail design
Do you want to try a nail art which is so unique? Will you be having some time to spare for the art? If so, try out this unique nail art that leaves some portion of nail and covers the rest with its beautiful black and white marble design.

Crazy Flower Nail Design

crazy flower nail design
Have you brought an elegant ethnic wear for the family function? Would you love to compliment your nails with some beautiful floral designs that match your design in the dress? If so, try out these elegantly attractive designs on the nail this time.

Crazy Gel Nail Design

crazy gel nail designs
Are you the one who love to drive others crazy? If so, this is the best design for the crazy girls who love to hang out. While the 3 or 4 fingers and uniformly colored, the one or 2 nails will be designed differently as like you.

Crazy Marble Nail Art

crazy marble nail art
Would you love to try the most recommended nail art? Then here is the stuff. Marble art is considered to be most beautiful art that can be done on nails, and especially when you need to incorporate multiple colours together.

Crazy Nail Art

crazy nail art
Are you the crazy girl who loves to play out on a sunny day cracking jokes and playing games? Then this design will suit the peppy crazy beautiful girl inside you. The leopard looking design is perfectly unique and attractive

Crazy Nail Art Design

crazy nail art design
Are you the one who loves to be crazy? Then this nail art will inspire you to the most. Rather than sticking to what others do, just go unique, try multiple colors and multiple designs on each nail. After all, who said that perfection matters in nail art?

Crazy Nail Art Design

crazy nail art design gallery
Are you an artist? Would you love to see the amazing beauty of black on your nails when an elegant design is planned to be drawn? Then this nail art will give you different ideas on decorating your nails to ultimate beauty.

Crazy Nail Design

crazy nail art designs gallery
If you are that little girl who loves teddy bears and summer wears, this design is for you. The design with beautiful blonde colors and will make your nails look beautiful. The highlight is that these designs suit short nails as well.

Crazy Nail Design 2015

crazy nail design 20
Sometimes, it’s so crazy to show off your attitude in nail art. Are you a vibrant personality who loves cheering up others? Do you spread happiness like a butterfly? Then this nail art in beautiful bright colors is for you.

Crazy Nail Design Idea

crazy nail design idea
Sometimes a costume with symmetrical design will leave you on space and you will not have any idea about the design to be drawn. If you are in such a state, you can use this nail art. This art, made of symmetrical design will certainly compliment your costume and other accessories as well.

Crazy Nail Design Picture

crazy nail designs picture
Have you brought a beautiful dress with some contrast design and needs a nail art different from marble design? If so this is the right design for you. You can design your nails like this and can incorporate multiple contrast colors that will look amazing.

Crazy Nail Polish Design

crazy nail polish design
Do you love the deep beauty of black? Then this design is for you. Just make others stare at your nails by its awesome beauty of black background and tiny silver design that reminds the beautiful dark sky.

Crazy Nails Art

crazy nails art

Crazy Nails Design

crazy nails design

Crazy White and Black Nail Design

crazy white and black nail design

Glitter Crazy Nail Design

glitter crazy nail design

Red Crazy Nail Art

red crazy nail art

Simple Crazy Nail Design

simple crazy nail design

Here are Some Ideas to Experiment with for a Crazy and Sexy Look

  • Red never goes out of style. When you think sexy nails, you think scarlet. But there is a lot more to be done with plain red polish now. You can add a touch of white or a dash of black to jazz up your nails even further, or come up with your own version of red hot nails.
  • Closely following red is black nail polish. They can look sophisticated and sexy at the same time. Also use different shades of grey or add patterns to it using a lighter colour to get more creative.
  • Animal prints are meant not just for your clothes anymore. Use different colours to make a cheetah, tiger or zebra pattern on your nails to complement your look.
  • Shine and dazzle are the way to go when you are thinking crazy and sexy. Add studded stones, glitter for glitter nail designs and metallic touches to your long beautiful nails to make sure everyone notices.

> Conclusion

If you love doing some unique nail designs, you have a lot of choices to try out with. Those pretty nail designs will bring you an ultimate happiness of art incorporated beauty. Fall nail designs are special designs that will allow you to infuse the beauty of art on your finger tips. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!