30+ Acrylic Nail Designs

Running out of ideas of how to bling out those talons? Tired of polka-dots and stripes on your nails? You should give acrylic nails a shot! Go to a professional salon and ask for an acrylic makeover for your nails!

acrylic nails

3D Acrylic Nail Art

d acrylic nail art molds
This cute fake nails is for girls who love a single coloured nails. You can pick up any pale shade of pink or teal or yellow. You may leave two nails with the solid paint and for the rest of the nails add polka dots with black paints or sequences.

Amazing Acrylic Nail Art Design 3D

amazing acrylic nail art design 3d
Any good salon can help you achieve this acrylic nail designs for summer. It has a neutral base and the upper half is painted with gel fuchsia nail colour. Then stones and glossy sequences are pasted along the border of the pink paint.

Sample Acrylic Nails Design

fake acrylic nails design
This acrylic nail designs 2015 has a natural base and then the nails are divided into two parts. The outgrown part is designed in leopard print with black and white paints and the area below it is covered with pink nail colour to which glittery sequence is added.

Latest Acrylic Nail Trend

latest acrylic nail trend
This acrylic nail designs 2016 would look stunning even if you don’t have long, well-shaped nails. Just go to a professional salon and ask for a tribal nail art. It has all the patterns in every colour you can think of.

Summer Acrylic Nails Design

summer acrylic nails design
This acrylic nail designs for summer has floral patterns in some nails while others are left simple with three polka dots. First you have to paint all your nails with neutral gel paints then colour the outgrown parts are alternately painted with purple and white and floral patterns.

Acrylic Nail Art Design

acrylic nail art design

Glitter Acrylic Nail Design

glitter acrylic nail design
If you are a lover of glittery maroon nail paint, then this cute fake nails is for you. The main designing is done based on the Mickey Mouse look. Red bow ties, black mouse ears and white polka dots make the nails much more attractive.

Summer Acrylic Nail Design

summer acrylic nail design

Cool Acrylic Nail Design

cool acrylic nail design
This cute and lovely acrylic nail designs for summer has a light purple solid base. Then they are decorated with floral designs, leafy patterns and small dots. This nail design would look good on any light as well as dark complexion.

Cute Acrylic Purple Nail Design For Short Nails

cute acrylic purple nail for short nails
This stunning nail design is unique and way better than simple patterns and polka dots. It has a glossy nude texture and the upper portion is painted with purple glittery nail colour. Then a 3D flower is drawn at one corner.

Nail Design for Acrylic Nails

nail design for acrylic nails
This acrylic nail design 2016 has a fresh tropical appeal with its tiny pink flowers on yellow paints. Each nails are coloured with a nude gel base and the outgrown parts are coloured with bright yellow and light green nail paints over which tropical small flowers are drawn.

Simple Acrylic Nail Art Design

simple acrylic nail art design
This cute fake nails have a pretty flower design which can be worn with all types of dress. It has a pearly pink base coat over which small tropical flowers are drawn in a linear pattern. You are free to select any nail colour for these flowers.

Acrylic Nail Art

acrylic nail art
This acrylic nail designs 2015 has a Halloween appeal and you can get these nails at any professional salon. It has a tomato red base coat over which various gothic textures are painted. You can choose orange or any other Halloween related base colour.

Acrylic Nail Design

acrylic nail design
This acrylic nail design for summer is very pretty with a minimal design. Every single nail has a glossy nude base coat and the outgrown part is shaded with various different nail colours. You can choose between shades like blue, green, orange, red, pink and yellow.

Short Acrylic Nail Design

short acrylic nail design
This acrylic nail designs for summer is very chic and fashionable. If you feel that you will be unable to carry very heavy design then ask your stylist to get this acrylic design for your nails. It has a gel nude base coat and the outgrown parts are coloured with sparkling white nail colour.

Simple Acrylic Nail Design

simple acrylic nail designs

Acrylic Nails Designs Picture

acrylic nails designs picture

Gradient Colors Acrylic Nail Art

gradient acrylic nail art

Holiday Acrylic Nail Design

holiday acrylic nail design

Pretty Acrylic Nail Designs

pretty acrylic nail designs

Teenage Acrylic Nail Design

teenage acrylic nail design

Zebra Acrylic Nail Design

zebra acrylic nail design

Acrylic Nail Design Animal Print

acrylic nail designs animal print

Best Acrylic Nail Design

best acrylic nail design

Elegant Acrylic Nail Design

elegant acrylic nail design

New Acrylic Nail Design

new acrylic nail design

Acrylic Nail Art Design

acrylic nail polish
This acrylic nail art has a pearly pink base and the outgrown part is coloured in chic white. Three hollow petals are drawn using pink, white and black colour. White polka dots are made along the petal lines.

Acrylic Nail Art at Home

acrylic nails at home

Simple Acrylic Nail Design


Unique Acrylic Nail Design

unique acrylic nail design

Girly Acrylic Nail Design

girly acrylic nail design

Some Fantastic Design Ideas to Make your Nails Shine and Sparkle!

  • If you are a monochrome girl, you can choose a single color, like a pale shade of pink or teal for everyday use. To make the simple colors look rad, try accentuating a single nail, with rhinestones, or tiny pearl stickers, or glitter, or metallic stripes and polka-dots!
  • Think French manicures are the best? Then you should definitely try the colorful French acrylic nails Designs! You can go for a nude base and choose a different color for the tips (other than white), like a dramatic black, or a set of complementary tones, or just lots of colorful glitter!
  • If you are a braveheart, then you can go all out with a different design for every nail! Think leopard prints on hot pink, gold details on jet-black, themed prints, rhinestones, practically anything you want!
  • We are presenting different types of Acrylic Nail Designs That we can try like short acrylic nail designs, christmas acrylic nail designs, summer acrylic nail designs, glitter acrylic nail designs, cool acrylic Glitter nail designs and more…!!!

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