29+ Game Character Concept Designs That Blow Your Mind!

Concept art lies at the basis of developing any video game. Every video game has its own unique ambience or theme and concept art & design is used to create the game characters based on the very idea of the game. The game designer has to be sound about the basic environment or mood of the game and infuse that very concept while designing the characters.

Metal Gear Game Character

metal gear game character For budding Game character artists, this template will act as a game character design tutorial. You can download this template, and see for yourself what kind of detailings have been used to create and can make a similar one after customization too.

Apollo Justice Objection Pose Game Character

apollo justice objection pose game character As a game designer, you can download this Apollo justice objection pose game character template for your task of video game character design. Download it free, and study the character design and then edit and customize as per requirement and use it.

Moonu Game Character

moonu game character As a video game designer, you sometime run out of video game character ideas, for that reason you can surely download this Konoha game character template for getting some help with your designing. Fully customizable, edit as required and use it.

Konoha Game Character

konoha game character As a video game designer, you sometime run out of video game character ideas, for that reason you can surely download this Konoha game character template for getting some help with your designing. Fully customizable, edit as required and use it.

Stinger Game Character

stinger game character Game with character creation involves a lot of creativity, for new designers this template Singer game character can prove to be very much helpful. Fully customizable, Edit the color combo as required and use it for creating menacing game characters.

Delta Lanthanoir Game Character Design

delta lanthanoir game character design It is not always possible to buy expensive game character design software for new graphic designers, for them this Delta Lanthanoir game character design template can be a very good option. Customize it, and create female warrior characters for any game.

UNO & Friends Game Character

uno friends game character If you want to design a game like Uno & friends, just download this Uno & Friends game character template and get inspired with your designs. Fully customizable, change the colors and other formations if you think is required then name them and use.

Heart of Light by Takayama Toshiaki

heart of light by takayama toshiaki Heart of light game characters look extremely interesting, expert artists have designed it with their experience. You can use their experience as your inspiration if you download this Template Heart of light by Takayama Toshiaki. Customize the template and use.

Character Design for Xuan Yuan Legend

character design for xuan yuan legend For designing powerful game characters like Xuan Yuan Legend, you should download this character design template will will lend you a lot of help. You can customize it fully with your own creative ideas, will new color implementation and create yours.

Will Advance Wars Character

will advance wars character This free template Will Advance wars character can downloaded absolutely free of cost. Get it in your system, and include your graphic designing skills to create wonderful game characters for some high definition computer games. This template is fully editable.

The Division Character Concept

the division character concept One of the Artists or designers whose game character designs are among top 50 game characters have designed ‘The Division’, high definition game. This template is fully editable, Customize with your own design ideas and create new game characters.

Lin Advance Wars Character

lin advance wars character For creating powerful female characters like Lin Advance Wars Character, you can download this template based on this game character. After download you can infuse your creativity and create some new game character which will rock the gaming world.

Legend of the Cryptids Fiorentina Character

legend of the cryptids fiorentina character If you like the Fiorentina character in Legend of Cryptids game, and want to design something similar to that for your new assignment in game designing, then you should download this template. Customize the template, edit with your ideas and create your own character.

Brenner Advance Wars Character

brenner advance wars character Brenner from Advance Wars game is a strong character, which is loved by millions of game enthusiasts, if you want to create a character like this or naruto game with character creation pleases your taste, then you can download this template.

Legion of Legends Hires Character

legion of legends hires character

Tasha Advance Wars Character

tasha advance wars character

Beast Advance Wars Character

beast advance wars character

Dangerous Game Character

dangerous game character cvcdn.com

Noctis Lucis Caelum Final Fantasy Character

noctis lucis caelum final fantasy character

Armorer Game Character

armorer game character cvcdn.com

Evie Assassin’s Creed Game Character

evie assassins creed game character

Lucy Thorne Assassin’s Creed Game Character

lucy thorne assassins creed game character

Su Yeong Kim 3D Game Character

su yeong kim 3d game character webneel.com

Daragoth 3D Game Character Design

daragoth 3d game character design

Star War Game Character 3D

star war game character 3d webneel.com

Game Character Screenshots Wallpaper

game character screenshots wallpaper

3D Game Character Fantasy Art

d game character fantasy art webneel.com

Game Character Jouster

game character jouster

Chris Redfield Resident Evil Game Character

chris redfield resident evil game character giantbomb.com

Are you a game character designer yourself looking for inspiration for next game? To help you here, we have come up with 30 Game character concept designs that would simply blow your mind. These designs have been created by great concept gaming character artists.

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