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25+ Blue Nail Art Designs

Blue is no longer just for the men just like pink is no longer only for the girly. There are so many shades of the colour to choose from for your awesome and fantastic nail designs that you can create different looks that are cool and casual or radical and fun or even sophisticated and sexy. The colour of water, the colour of the sky, jazz up your hands with innovative blue nail designs to also stay cool and calm this summer.

Baby Blue Nail Design

baby blue nail design

Blue is a classic colour and with so many shades available in gel nail paints, you can pick up the glossy nail paint and simply apply two coats of nail colour and let it dry. Pair it up with a pair of indigo jeans or any outfit and you are ready for the party!

Blue Acrylic Nail Design

blue acrylic nail design

Are you a fan of check pattern? You have been longing to add a pretty check shirt in your wardrobe and now you are looking for check patterns in fake nails. This beautiful acrylic nail art design has a checkers pattern in blue, white and sky-blue and is bound to grab your attention.

Blue and Black Nail Design

blue and black nail design

This blue nail art design image has various shades of blue, black and white in zigzag pattern. You can draw it yourself with a sharp brush and gel nail paints or ask your stylist to paint it on your nails.

Blue and Green Glitter Nail Design

blue and green glitter nail design

For this blue nail art design you will have to take different shades of blue and green. Paint each of your nails with separate shades and let it dry. Then add some white stones on the lower end of your fourth nail to make it more stylish.

Blue and Pink Glitter Nail Design

blue and pink glitter nail design

This pink and royal blue nail design is very easy to create. First you will have to colour the lower half of your nails with pink and the upper portion with blue and let it dry. Then take a neutral glittery shade and cover your nails with it and your nail art is ready.

Blue and Pink Nail Design

blue and pink nail design

This blue nail designs acrylic nail is not going to be easy for beginners. If you want the exact nail art then it is better to go for faux nails. Or if you want it in your own nails then visit your nearby salon and let a professional stylist do it.

Blue and White Nail Design

blue and white nail design

This blue nail art for short nail is very unique and stylish. You will need white and blue gel nail paints and a pointed paint brush. First paint all your nails with white colour and let it dry. Then draw vertical lines of varying width with blue paints.

Blue and White Nail Design

blue and white nail design

This light blue nail design has a very beautiful pattern. First colour your nails with a base white paint. If you have a good hand for painting, then take a sharp brush and a blue nail paint and start drawing circular patterns and floral motifs on it.

Blue and Yellow Nail Design

blue and yellow nail design

For this blue nail designs acrylic nail, you will have to colour your nails with a pale blue shade and then paint the upper half with glittery blue nail polish. Tinge the border between two colours with bright yellow colour to add a chic look.

Blue Nail Art

blue nail art

This royal blue nail design has no complex design and all you need is a gel nail colour with sparkles and glitters. If you want a minimalistic nail art, then simply apply two coats of this paint on your nails and groove in style!

Blue Nail Art Design

blue nail art design

This royal blue nail design is quite similar to the previous one. Though the nail art is easy you will have to look for the exact colour and texture of this nail paint. In case you don’t get it, you may go to a salon and let them colour your nails with this amazing colour.

Blue Nail Design

blue nail design

This blue nail designs acrylic nail is not very easy because of its complex floral pattern. If you want to give a try, then apply a navy blue base coat and let it dry. After that, take a sharp paint brush and draw petals, polka dots, swirls and other patterns to create this experimental nail art.

Blue Nail Design for Shortnails

blue nail design for shortnails

This blue nail art for short nails is very pretty and it would be very difficult for a beginner to draw this exact pattern on your nails. All the nails have a pale blue base and three nails have a vertical zigzag patterns and two other nails have dandelion effect and snowflakes.

Blue Nail Design Picture

blue nail design picture

This light blue nail design is very simple and sleek. It has a cloudy sky-blue texture with a hollow triangular sequence at the lower end of the nails. Two nails are patterned with light blue and white patchwork that makes it lovely and unique.

Blue Nails with Design

blue nails with design

This blue nail art for short nail has a light blue base coat and daisy floral pattern on it. It is perfect for summer and very easy for beginners. Paint your fourth nail with white nail colour and others with sky blue paint. Then draw small daisy flowers on it and your cool nail art is ready.

Cool Blue Nail Design

cool blue nail design

Cute Blue Nail Design

cute blue nail design

Dark Blue Nail Design

dark blue nail design

Electric Blue Nail Design

electric blue nail design

Light Blue Nail Design

light blue nail design

navy blue nail design

Royal Blue Nail Design

royal blue nail design

Simple Blue Nail Design

simple blue nail design

Simple Blue Nail Design

simple blue nail design

Skyblue and Green Nail Design

skyblue and green nail design

Here are Some Blue Nail Design Ideas

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