35+ Easy and Amazing Nail Art Designs for Beginners

Manicures and pedicures aren’t the only ways to pamper yourself and make sure you have both healthy and beautiful hands. Nail art Designs are more and more common and it is both diverse and intricate. There are a variety of colours available and that is only the beginning. Be it stripes, dots, ringlets, geometric patterns, asymmetrical patterns, sploshes, splashes— you name it and you’ve got it. Well done nails are not just pretty but also fun.

Awesome Pink Nail Art Design

  • awesome pink nail art design


Butterfly Nail Art Design

  • butterfly nail art design

Cool Nail Art Design

  • cool nail art design

Cool Splatter Nail Art Design

  • cool splatter nail art design

Cute Colorful Nail Art Design

  • cute colorful nail art design

Beautiful and Cute Nail Art Design

  • cute nail art design

Diy Nail Art Design

  • diy nail art design

Easy Nail Art Design

  • easy nail art design

Free Hand Nail Art Design

  • freehand nail art design

French Manicure Nail Art Design

  • french manicure nail art design

French Nail Art Design

  • french nail art design

Funky Nail Art Design

  • funky nail art design

Glitter Nail Art Design

  • glitter nail art design

Japanese 3D Nail Art Design

  • japanese 3d nail art design

Latest Nail Art Design

  • latest nail art design

Beautiful and Latest Nail Art Design

  • latest nail art designs

Migi Nail Art Design

  • migi nail art design

Nail Art Design at Home

  • nail art design at home

Nail Art Design for Beginners

  • nail art design for beginners

Nail Art Design for Short Nails

  • nail art design for short nails

Nail Art Designs at Home

  • nail art designs at home

Nail Art Designs by Hand

  • nail art designs by hand

Natural Nail Art Design

  • natural nail art design

New Nail Art Design

  • new nail art design

Professional Nail Art Designs

  • professional nail art designs

Simple Nail Art Design

  • simple nail art design

Simple Nail Art Design for Beginners

  • simple nail art design for beginners

Simple PolkaDot Nail Design

  • simple polkadot nail design

Spring Nail Art Design

  • spring nail art designs

Stamping Nail Art

  • stamping nail art

Stunning Nail Art Design

  • stunning nail art design

Summer Nail Art Design

  • summer nail art design

Summer Nail Art Design

  • summer nail art designs

Valentine Nail Art Design

  • valentine nail art design

Creative Nail Art Design

  • creative nail art

Nail Art Design

  • nail art

Sprin Nails Design Art

  • new

Some Exciting Ideas for Nail Art

  • Go crazy and mix and match shades together, choosing from the very wide range of colours available. Use different shades of the same colour to create beautiful effects.
  • Add 3D elements like stones, stickers and other attractive studs on your nails to give them the extra edge.
  • Add bling and shine for a stand out look especially for parties and festivals using glitter polish and metallic colours and gems.
  • Unleash your artistic side and draw intricate patterns on your nails, using attractive colour schemes. The more detailed they are the more elegant they are bound to look.
  • Experiment with shapes. You can add flowers and your favourite themed designs to your nails but there is a lot to be done even using simple shapes and patterns. Especially if you are new at eassy flower nails art design, go wild with polkas, stripes, zig-zag lines and even little sploshes and flakes of colour.


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