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From a special church wedding up to a standard church service, you can actually use church invitations for a lot of purposes. Do not hesitate to use invitation templates as references when making your own church invitation so you can have a well-structured, formal, and understandable output.

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5 Step for Creating the Best Church Invitation

A church invitation can provide a lot of entities with the information that they need so they can be aware of church events, programs, and other activities. Here is a simple process that you can use as a guide if you want to make the best church invitation that can enable you to gather your desired audience:

Step 1: Know Your Desired Church Invitation Layout and Features

Do you want to have a single page, bi-fold, or tri-fold church invitation? You have to make sure that you will first specify all the layout and invitation feature requirements of your church invitation so you can select a template that is aligned with your design vision.

Step 2: Download a Printable Church Invitation Template

When developing your church’s sample invitation cards, you can use templates and other references so you can have a better and more efficient experience when putting all church invitation elements in a single structured layout. Select an editable church invitation template that you can easily use when materializing the design and detail presentation that you have in mind.

Step 3: Design the Church Invitation

Always modify the design of the church invitation templates that you refer to. It is important for you to have a design theme that can make your own church invitation look unique, original, and interesting.

Step 4: Place the Details of Your Church Invitation in the Modified Layout

After modifying the design of the church invitation, place all the invitation details that you would like to relay to your expected guests or event attendees. Ensure the accuracy of the church invitation information so you can have an effective invitation document output.

Step 5: Print the Final Church Invitation

Select a medium that can best present your church invitation design. Print the final invitation in a clean board or paper so you can already prepare the church invitation copies for dissemination.

13+ Best Church Invitation Templates in  AI | InDesign | Word | Pages | PSD | Publisher | Numbers

1. Church Invitation Postcard Template

church invitation postcard template
File Format
  • AI
  • Word
  • Pages
  • PSD
  • Publisher

Size: 5X7 inches


Make it a priority to use a template that can help you materialize the particular church invitation style that you would like to achieve as an output. Your church invitation postcard template should have an invitation card design that can let you present a final church invitation draft based on your own design aesthetic choices and vision.

2. Church Wedding Invitation

File Format
  • AI
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  • Word
  • PSD
  • Publisher

Size: US


A church wedding invitation is one of the most common church invitations used nowadays. Stick with a wedding theme that can let you have an appropriate church invitation samples for your wedding program and reception.

3. Free Church Invitation Template

free church invitation template
File Format
  • AI
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  • Word
  • PSD
  • Pages
  • publisher

Size: 5×7 inches


You have to make sure that your template selection is based on the visuals that you want to realize for the church invitation. Use a free church invitation template that can make it easier for you to achieve your design vision for baptism invitations, wedding invitations, and other types of church invite documents.

4. Church Baptism Invitation Card

church baptism invitation card Download

You can use child-friendly design items when making a church baptism invitation card. This only means that not all church invitation designs should be formal, traditional, and serious. However, you should still see to it that the church baptism invitation card is organized and comprehensive before handing it to your invited guests.

5. Christmas Event Church Invitation

christmas event church invitation Download

Have you ever made church postcards and church invitations? One of the things that you should remember is to always create a church invitation that is impeccably and completely detailed. Your Christmas event church invitation, for one, should give an idea about your church’s Christmas event; theme; program flow; and service.

6. Easter Church Invitation Template

easter church invitation template Download

If you want to have outstanding invitation card examples, ensure that your church invitation design is appealing and aligned with the church event. As an example, an Easter church invitation template should have Easter-related features; icons; and designs like Easter eggs and the Easter bunny.

7. Creative Church Invitation Template

creative church invitation template Download

Make a church invitation that is comprehensive and effectively designed. Always be on your feet when checking the quality of your creative church invitation template. Through this, you can ensure that you will have a presentable output that can reflect the immense preparation that you went through just so you can develop the impressive church invitation for your church members.

8. Church Anniversary Invitation

church anniversary invitation template


Just like when creating church invitation banner sample, we recommend you to also have design references and inspirations when making your church anniversary invitation. A themed church invitation can enable you to beautify one of the souvenirs that your church community members can take home with them after the event.

9. Modern Church Invitation Example

modern church invitation example Download

Properly guide your expected guests with the program where the church invitation will be used. A modern church invitation example can be highly-effective if you will list down all the reminders, information, and other event details that can lead to the full understanding of the event flow and proceedings.

10. Church Banquet Invitation Template

church banquate invitation template Download

Make your church invitation a part of your overall church event preparations. Optimize the document’s usage through the placement of different information about the church banquet. When developing a church banquet invitation template, ensure that it will be a vital part of the event by providing details that are updated; usable; and relevant.

11. Church Anniversary Invitation Design

church anniversary invitation design Download

The overall look of the church invitation should compliment the theme of the event and the vibe in the church location. Refer to your church anniversary them when thinking of the church anniversary invitation design to use. In this manner, you can align your invitation features to the overall look of the event.

12. Church Wedding Bridal Shower Invitation

church wedding bridal shower invitation Download

Use a formal language when developing the content of your church wedding bridal shower invitation. You have to make sure that the language and tone that you will select for your church invitation template is applicable for the wedding event where you will invite your guests to go to.

13. Simple Church Invitation Template

simple church invitation template Download

Be clear when listing down church invitation details. You have to be specific with the items that you will include in the simple church invitation template to not allow any misunderstanding to occur due to misleading or wrong information.

14. Invitation Template for Church

invitation templates for church Download

Know how to organize the information that you will put together in the invitation template for church. The flow of your free invitations‘ content can help you set the mood when your guests or attendees are looking into the document.

Are you planning to make a church invitation now? Do not make it hard for you to develop a church invitation layout. Browse through our template samples listing and find a suitable church invitation template that you can easily download and use as your formatting guide.

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