Do you have an upcoming church anniversary, fundraising event, Bible study event, Easter event, or others? We assume that you'll be inviting church members or goers. And since you're inviting them, you need beautiful invitations to excite them to attend. For that, we have a collection of Church Invitation Templates. These templates are 100% editable and printable. These are available in MS Word, Adobe Photoshop, Apple (MAC) Pages, MS Publisher, and Illustrator. Download a template today!

How to Create a Church Invitation

You have to send beautiful church invitation cards so your guests will be thrilled to attend. And to help you with that, we've prepared simple tips to help you create the best church invitation for any church event.

1. Apply Colors

To make your invitation look its best, you need to apply colors. But first, identify the kind of mood you want to convey. Colors can establish the mood of your card, so it's best to choose wisely.

If your event is more on the formal side, you can use colors such as grey, white, black, etc. If your party is a fun one, then choose bright colors like pink, yellow, etc.

2. Add Picture

Another tip you can do is to add a picture(s) to your creative invitation. However, this won't be necessary if you're already fine with the designs you have. But if you're adding a picture(s) to your invitation, you can use it as a background or a design at the side to make your card more attractive.

3. Input Your Invitation Wording

Your wording will depend on the kind of event you're going to have. If you're having a formal event, make sure that your wording is formal, and if it's informal, you may use a casual or personal tone on your modern invitation.

4. Apply White Space

Much like creating a church flyer, you also have to apply white space to your invitation. Your white space can help your guests read the content of your invitation smoothly. Aside from that, it also helps you highlight the beauty of your design. But be careful in using too much white space of your design might look too bare.

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