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What is An Accounting Invoice?

An itemized commercial document that records a transaction made by a seller to a buyer is called an sales invoice. It usually contains all the details regarding the transaction, the customer's information, the product being sold, the price of the item, and the terms of sale.

According to a recent survey made by a business and marketing networking site, 27% of most small and midsized businesses (SMBs) revealed that they are having difficulties in creating, sending, and tracking their invoices.

How to Make An Accounting Invoice

Making an accounting invoice that can be used for the professional accounting service or services that you rendered to your client is not that simple. Since you are dealing with a lot of accounting documents and terminologies, you need to be extra careful in producing one. Below are some basic guidelines on how you can design and create a personalized invoice.

1. Identifying the Needed Contents

Before you decide on the layout, first, you need to determine all the necessary information that will be included in the accounting invoice. It is essential to indicate your business name and business type, contact information, description of the products and/or the services that you offer, the price range, transaction details, and other supplementing data to make the document legit and professional.

2. Selecting a Suitable Layout

Since there is no standard accounting invoice format, you can personalize the layout according to the needs of your business or organization. You can add all the needed elements to your document like the tables, checkboxes, control numbers, and the spaces for other details like the name and signatures of the customer/client, the additional comments, and more. You can either use a portrait or landscape page layout for your sample invoice depending on the needs or type of transaction.

3. Downloading a Standard Accounting Invoice Template

There is an easier and more effective way to design your own simple invoices. With the use of your smartphone or any mobile device, search for an online accounting invoice software that offers the best deal in terms of creating a personalized invoice document. You can also look for some promising account invoice sample or accounting invoice template that you can easily customize based on your desired format.

4. Customizing Your Chosen Template

Time to apply the needed adjustments and formatting to your template. You don't need to do much if you are using a ready-made template for your document. All you have to do is to add, edit, and modify the information in the invoice. To incorporate a personal and distinct touch to your document, don't forget to add the business' or organization's logo or emblem.

5. Sending Out the Draft for Printing

After you check the final draft for unwanted formatting and grammatical errors, save the file on your laptop or smartphone or on a USB storage device. In printing the document, choose high-quality printing materials like the paper stock or the cardstock that you use so the final product will look neat and professional. If you are planning to print the document in bulk, visit your local printery and inquire for available printing options and packages that will help save your time and money.

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