How to Make a Book Cover in Pages

A book cover is what protects the pages of a book. Oftentimes, the book cover lures the readers to read the book especially when it captures their attention.

We usually have heard this famous saying that goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” However, many people constantly admitted that they do judge the books by the covers.

We do not really know what is true between the two. The sure thing we all know is the art of creating your own book cover could be overwhelming. It requires great skill and talent to layout a modern book cover, and the design is another important thing to consider. Here, rest assured that we will give you the best book cover templates you need. If you have your Mac Book with you, just follow these simple steps in making a book cover in Apple Pages:

1. Prepare You Mac Book and Go Online

If you are a Mac user, drafting your book cover is easy. Just download our free and available business book cover templates for you. All are 100% customizable and easily editable, and we have a variety of great designs for you to choose from.

2. Open the Downloaded File/s in Pages and Customize it

Make sure you have Pages in your Mac Book. After downloading the files, it would be easy for you to customize and personalize the templates. Each template has its premade content that you can always change. So if you want to personalize it according to your liking, that is not a problem.

3. Identify the Type of Book Cover

There are actually several types of free and editable book covers available. Depends if you need book covers for school textbooks or a cover art book. We have fiction book covers, marketing book covers, and some book covers are the best book covers for kids. Identify what type of book you are going to cover and access all the available templates with the best book cover design on our website.

4. Check before Having It Printed

Always have your work checked before printing or producing it. Check some errors like grammar, spelling, or even the lines. In this part, you can also ask a friend or two to check it with you. It’s sometimes better to have the company of others especially if we are to create something useful for yourself or for others.

5. Be Simple while Not Losing Your Creativity

Being simple with what you have made or created doesn’t mean you have lost your creativity already. Creative minds know how to make their works simple while still being creative. That being said, you have to omit words that are not really needed or put the right number of images to your photo book cover.

KISS or Keep it Short and Simple. Remember that, always.

6. Ready to Print and Cover Your Books

If you’re done with editing and proofreading your work, it’s now time to print them. Cover your books now with your personalized best book covers!

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