Books are portals that temporarily remove us from reality. It can engulf us in fantasy and make us travel through time. In terms of physical appearance, some bookworms look for a catchy title, an attractive cover, or both. If you are an author who needs help on a book cover, then fret not because we offer high-quality and creative Book Cover Templates. At the same time, we have made these 100% customizable, quick, and printable. These templates are easily editable and fully customizable in all versions of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe IllustratorMS Word, Microsoft Publisher, and Apple Pages (MAC). Create an eye-catching book cover with us today! 

How to Create a Book Cover?

Although the name itself is self-explanatory, a Book Cover is the first covering of a book. It can be seen in the front part of the book. It contains the book title and book artwork. Book covers may sometimes contain textures either debossed or embossed for added effect. For hardbound books, printable book covers are removable.

Expectations arise from the cover of the book. Much like people initially judge others by their looks, such as the same in books. A book’s cover represents its face, so if the book cover looks sloppy and amateur, they will expect the same from its contents. With such low expectations, the book probably won’t sell as much. Book covers today have become their own business and marketing tool. The book cover needs to draw attention, set the tone of the story, and engage readers on a personal level to sell copies. That’s a lot of pressure to expect at face value.

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but the fact remains that many do so, especially now that there are budding writers in every corner. With hundreds of titles getting published every year through self-publishing authors plus millions of books to choose from in different languages, a memorable and beautiful book cover will be a deciding factor for buyers.

If you want to make a creative book cover that will surely attract potential buyers, read through our tips below.

1. Wear the Shoes of Your Reader

Photo book covers are an advertising tool, and when we pertain to an advertising tool, the audience should be our priority. You have to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. See what they want to see and feel and what they want to feel. Avoid placing your preferences first because you might not be selling copies as you expect.

2. Title Vs. Cover

Like partners in crime, the title and the artwork should compensate for each other's incapacity. If your book title is not long enough to capture your audience's interest, then work more on the artwork and vice versa. This should go well together, and if the book title and artwork do not need compensating, then much better. To entice bookworms to purchase your books, you may provide a book voucher.

3. Strike a Chord

Book covers should make you feel something. Maybe you have experienced walking through a bookstore without a specific book in mind, but you ended up buying because that book struck a chord in you. You may have noticed that a book's theme is evident in the book cover. Design it in a way that will trigger an emotional reaction in your audience.

4. Be Permissive

Book authors cannot be book cover designers at the same time (but this may be untrue to some). They will have to work with a designer to create an aesthetic book artwork for them. Before designing, you might have an ideal book design in mind. Sometimes, your idea and the designer's idea won't be parallel. You have to let the designer take the wheel and astonish you with the result.

5. Use the Book Cover

Once done, you are now ready to use the modern book cover. Maybe you have noticed that the book covers---especially classic novels, change over time. Studies show that 51% of revamped book covers generate more income compared to the original covers. As an author, don't be afraid to redo your simple book covers in the future because it might bring in more profit than usual.

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