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What Is the Purpose of an Architecture Brochure?

Think of an architecture brochure as a portfolio that an architectural firm shows off to clients. It is used to introduce readers to the services that the firm offers and to point out what projects it has managed to complete. Basically, it's used as a form of architectural marketing wherein it's meant to attract people into hiring services offered by the company or firm.

How to Make an Architecture Brochure in InDesign

1. Decide on How It Should Be Folded

Know that there are two types of brochures that you should consider when making one for your architectural firm: bifolded brochures and trifolded brochures. It should be pretty clear that trifolded brochures allow for more options in terms of the amount of information to place and where to place it all. However, bifolded brochures are great for making everything feel more compact and for emphasizing more on certain details. Choose which one you think is best suited for your firm.

2. Think of the Right Pictures to Display

This is very important as you want to choose ones that best display what your architectural firm is capable of and what clients can expect if they were to hire its services. Make sure that whatever pictures you go with are ones that are shot perfectly and are of high resolution. Take note that you'll need to provide images of whatever architectural projects your firm has managed to complete. Also, don't forget to include the firm's name logo at the front portion of the brochure.

3. Introduce the Business and Its Achievements

When making the body of your brochure, you'll need to start by creating a paragraph that tells the reader how your firm came to be. Point out important details such as names or dates when necessary. Then you may proceed to write down its mission and vision statements. This is important as it will give the reader an idea as to what kind of work they can expect from your firm. Lastly, point out all of the projects that your firm has managed to complete, along with details such as names, location, and date of completion. This is where pictures of these completed projects will come in handy.

4. Provide Details on What Your Firm Has to Offer

Next is to make a list of all the architectural services that potential clients can avail. Make sure to provide clear and accurate descriptions for each one that you write down. Also, you'll want to include your firm's contact details. Write down any phone numbers or email addresses that the client can use to get a hold of you. Make sure that these are all updated and are still being used.

5. Make Use of InDesign

Adobe InDesign is perfect for making any type of brochure as it provides the user with many different options or tools that are perfect for the job. It can do everything from setting up margins and columns for information display to creating horizontal zones for perfect alignment of text and images. If you like, you can always look up online tutorials to learn how to use it more effectively or ask and/or hire someone to properly teach you how.

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