What Is a College Brochure?

A college brochure contains information about a university's training programs, current events, activities, and campus news. A university distributes them to their college students throughout the campus, and even to high school students who are currently in their senior year. College brochures that are distributed by universities to senior year high school students likely contain information about the courses they offer along with a prospectus.

How to Create a College Brochure in Adobe Illustrator?

If you're a university staff assigned to create college brochures, then the tips we have gathered below on how to create a college brochure might be of help to you. So why not check them out.

1. Use Adobe Illustrator

There are lots of editing software that is good enough to be a brochure maker. You have the freedom to choose any of them as long as you're comfortable. However, you should consider using Adobe Illustrator. Why should you? Adobe Illustrator has many advantages. First, it's completely scalable, which means you can edit and enhance your brochure down to the tiniest detail. Second, it can formulate high-quality files in minimal sizes. Third, it functions well on almost any computer software and system. And lastly, it has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to operate and navigate around.

2. Choose Between One Page, Bi-Fold, and Tri-Fold

It's entirely up to your university's preference whether your college brochure should be one page, bi-fold, or tri-fold. However, what you and your university should consider when choosing between the three is how many contents should the brochure have. It's both for cost-effective purposes and functional purposes. For instance, if the college brochure will only contain an update or news about an on-campus event, then one page should do for that, which is cheaper to print. Or, if it's advertising the courses offered of your university to senior high school students, then bi-fold and tri-fold are needed since advertising various courses is expected to be quite lengthy.

3. Provide Detailed Information

A brochure of any kind is also considered as an informative document. Due to that fact, you must provide detailed information about your brochure's contents, especially if it'll be advertising the coursed offered by the university.

4. Attach High-Quality Relevant Images

Part of some brochure's contents are images about its topic. It's not always necessary to attach images on a brochure, but it contributes to its effectivity and overall aesthetic quality. If your university prefers to have images on the brochure, then make sure to attach relevant ones with high-quality. For instance, if it'll be advertising your university's nursing and medical courses, you can attach images of current nursing or medical students wearing a standard uniform, the university's nursing and medical building, and the classrooms.

5. Use College Brochure Templates With Great Design Layout

A crucial criterion for a brochure's aesthetic quality is its design layout. With that in mind, you must embed a design layout in your college brochure that stands out. However, doing that from scratch is quite challenging. For that reason, you should consider using printable and editable college brochure templates with great default designs. With their help, what you only need to do is make some adjustments and modifications according to your university's needs and preferences.

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