Looking for professional template designs to use in making the latest travel brochures for tourism? Well then, you’ve come to the right place—with the help of our ready-made Travel Brochure Templates, you’re sure to instill the desire to explore and wander into your clients! Each concept design in our collection comes ready to edit in Adobe Illustrator; they are easily editable with pre-rendered text and graphic designs to quickly make them printable, helping you save time and effort! Our designs come in either bifold or trifold forms, with CMYK colors and 300 DPI resolution. Download now and help your travelers plan their next vacation!

How to Make a Travel Brochure in Adobe Illustrator

With the help of Adobe Illustrator and our catalog of varying template designs for you to choose from, putting together your own travel brochure is a piece of cake! Read on and we’ll show you some easy steps for you to use in doing so.

1. Sign Up to Adobe Illustrator

Do you have Adobe Illustrator installed on your computer yet? If not, just head over to Adobe Inc.’s website to find their online store—you can subscribe to your choice of a monthly fee rate for access to using Illustrator.

But, maybe you’re asking why to settle paying for Adobe Illustrator when there’s plenty of other software out there from other brands and companies to choose from instead. Well, by subscribing to using Illustrator, not only are you paying for an efficient and reliable program developed by a pioneering brand like Adobe Inc. but also all the tools and features you’ll need to put together your travel brochure. So you can be assured that your budget is getting you the premium quality that Adobe has been widely known to provide to the public for over three decades now.

2. Install Adobe Illustrator, Then Have a Look Inside

After you’ve decided on a subscription plan to use Illustrator, what’s next is to fire up the program and see what it has to offer you. If you’re someone with little to no experience in using graphic-editing software, then laying your eyes on the user interface is understandably daunting at first. But Adobe makes sure to keep Illustrator as direct and simple brochure as possible for anyone to get the hang of using; so, after just a bit of skimming through and experimenting with its tools and accessories, you’ll soon get comfortable enough for the purpose of customizing your brochure template.

3. Browse through Our Gallery and Decide on a Design

Have you gotten familiar enough with Adobe Illustrator’s features yet? Now it’s time to have a look through what we have to offer from our diverse line of free brochure templates and see what fits best for what you’ll need. Whether you’re advertising a lovely ocean tour on a cruise line or offering a package deal for an unforgettable holiday in Japan, we have you covered with our wide selection to choose from!

4. Download Your Template and Get to Work in Adobe Illustrator

Once you’ve decided on a design from our collection of ready-made travel brochure templates, just download it and you’re ready to edit it in Illustrator. Each of our brochure templates comes with placeholder text and a pre-rendered graphic design for you to easily alter and to help get those creative juices flowing!

5. Save Your Work and You’re Done

When you’ve finished editing your template, save your changes and your new travel brochure is ready to print out. With the use of Adobe Illustrator and our editable brochure templates, you’re sure to impress any tourist with your offers!

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