ID cards are essential for identification, access, and security. Hence, a lot of organizations and establishments need to create one. We know and understand your need for an ID card. To help you create one card with ease, here are our ID Card Templates that you can access in Adobe Photoshop. Our templates contain excellent graphics and original artworks, making your design elegant and professional. We also include built-in suggestive content that you can easily replace with your own choice of preference and ID card details. These ready-made templates are something that you must not miss. Hurry! Grab our ID Card Templates in Adobe Photoshop by downloading one template today!

How to Create ID Cards in Adobe Photoshop

We already know the importance of the ID cards in every institution. The only thing that matters here is how you can create one ensuring the overall security and safety that it would serve to your organization. Since you've landed on this page, it is safe for us to assume that you want to have one card as a means of your establishment's security. You can start browsing on our available ID card template files above that are ready-made for your layout process. Also, we created a simple guide below on how you can create your desired card from scratch or with the use of a template.

Without further ado, let's get things started by referring to the first step.

1. Identify the Main Contents

Familiarize yourself with the essential elements of the ID card. List down all the personal information of the cardholders and save it in a worksheet for record-keeping and future reference. Collect ID photos and signatures, including their contact numbers and other supplementary information. Indicate the job title or the position of the cardholder and the department that he or she belongs to. If there is enough space left on the ID card, you can also include the terms and conditions of the policies that the ID bearer should follow.

2. Determine The Design Content And Layout Orientation

Once you have already filled out the necessary ID card details, you can now start identifying the design motif of your simple card. Upon choosing the identification card design, ensure that it will incorporate your institution's brand. Start it by selecting the relevant graphic elements such as typography, color scheme, and images. Then, decide if you want to use the horizontal or vertical ID card orientation.

3. Install Security Feature

With the advancement of modern technology, one can easily have a counterfeited ID in just a snap. There is a gathered statistic that falsified IDs ownership increased from 12.5% to 32.2%; specifically on underage college students. With this given fact, ensuring your ID card's security feature is very vital for you, primarily if it is intended for the academe set-up. There are several ways for you to enhance your ID card's security, such as adding holographic overlays, magnetic stripes, or security barcodes.

4. Prepare And Run The Adobe Photoshop App

With the use of the Adobe Photoshop software, transfer all your gathered ID card information and design scheme to the blank layout. Freely explore the application's built-in feature tools and enhance your identification card's design. Follow the right design balance and utilize the layout spaces for you to ensure your ID card's presentation. Be creative as much as possible.

5. Choose A Template File

To ease up your ID card layout, we highly recommend you to make use of our available Our ready-made template files above would guarantee you an editable and printable layout experience. Whether if it is for professional, school, or event use; we assure you the best ID card output.

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