How to Create a Charity Organizational Chart in PDF

According to a research conducted by between 1998 to 2015, that there were nearly 1,088,447 public charities registered at the United States Internal Revenue Service in 2015. With this number of charities, a lot of people are concerned with the state of other people, particularly those who are less fortunate. And if you are planning to establish one charity, don't forget to create a charity organizational chart. Follow the steps below for you to make one.

1. Identify What Composes Your Organization

A charity organization has different divisions and committees that operate like the board members and the fundraising committee. They have different functions to keep the charity running. Without these departments, the organization will fail its purpose. No one will be able to process some documents and donations for the beneficiaries. That is why you need to list the offices within your organization so that you will be able to include it in your chart and find out what group is missing so that you will address it immediately.

2. Know their Duties and Responsibilities

You also need to identify the staff of each department and who is who. Their roles are also necessary so that you will include them in the printable organizational chart. It will help you organize your basic chart into hierarchical order.

3. Give a Thought for Design

To make your charity organizational chart readable and compelling, conceptualize how you are going to organize and design it the way it should be if you don't want to mess up with your simple chart.

4. Open the Software

There are several ways to create an organizational chart, like asking someone to draw it for you. But it is more exciting when you use technology in creating one. You can begin by opening the Adobe PDF Software on your computer. Utilize the shapes and lines found in that program. Don't forget to insert the company logo and the title. You also need to place the details inside the shapes. Then, organize it according to hierarchical order.

5. Safeguard, Let Roll, Produce

And when you are through customizing your creative organizational chart, save it to your computer or websites like Google Drive and Yahoo Mail. Then, print and post it in your office.

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