How to Create a Wedding Seating Chart in PDF

Is there an upcoming wedding and you need to make the perfect seating chart for the reception? Not to worry, we've got easy-to-follow instructions below to in creating DIY wedding seating charts.

1. Obtain a Copy of the Event's Guest List

It makes sense that to be able to make a basic chart for assigning seats to your guests, you will first need to get a copy of the guest list. Securing a copy of the guest list will help you decide how many people should be in one table. Additionally, having a guest list can help you decide whether to arrange the guests according to alphabetical order or to how they're related or acquainted.

2. Get Details about the Venue's Floor Plan

Aside from the guest list being a useful reference for creating a wedding seating chart, having knowledge of the floor plan can help as well. With this information, you'll know how big the venue is as well as how many people it can accommodate at most. Based on your guest list, you can determine how to arrange your guests in a way that they won't feel cramped.

3. Choose the Table Sizes and the Number of Tables to Use

Looking back at the previous steps, it can help in determining the size for each table and the maximum number of tables that you can use. When choosing a table size, it should be enough to accommodate the intended number of guests while still having sufficient space on it for their food and drinks. And in terms of the number of tables, just make sure that the guests are still able to move around freely and that there's enough space for the bride and groom to dance.

4. Create a Wedding Seating Chart on the Computer

You may use any tool you like for doing this (e.g., Word, Publisher, Excel, etc.) as long as it enables you to export the file to PDF. Open your editing or processing tool and then start a new project; you can then import or add creative tables or graphs to make your wedding seating chart. For inspiration, you may enjoy looking at websites such as Etsy or Pinterest for modern and elegant wedding seating chart samples.

5. Review Your Seating Plan and Ask for Some Opinion

Before you finalize your wedding seating chart and convert it to PDF, take a few minutes to review everything to make sure that nothing gets left out. This can help you out in multiple ways such as ensuring that all confirmed guests already have their seats and tables assigned. Another is that you can check if the guests are being grouped accordingly. In this step, it might be best to seek opinion or assistance from others.

6. Convert or Export to PDF

After reviewing the seating plan on the chart and finalizing it, you can finally convert or export it to the PDF file format and have it ready for sharing or printing. The advantage of using PDF is that it makes the file easier to print and share. Aside from being shareable and printable, people prefer to use PDF over others since it is compatible with all operating systems and it's capable of preserving the file's best qualities.

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