Nothing says “Fancy!” like an elegant cocktail party. This formal event is a nice way to set up a highbrow atmosphere for people to socialize in, suitable for both business and leisure purposes. If you’re putting together your own soiree, then let us help with our Ready-Made Template Cocktail Party Invitation Templates! Compose spiffy-looking invites with our professional and 100% customizable samples, all of which are easily editable in Microsoft Word. Save time and money with these printable templates, available in both 4x6 and 5x7 inches (with bleed). So, download now and bring in those guests with style!

How to Make Cocktail Party Invitations in Word

Social events are always a nice way to catch up with old friends and meet new people. However, some of us can be picky with the type of gatherings we want to associate ourselves with, and cocktail parties fall into one of these types. You’ll find cocktail parties being hosted for a number of different reasons (e.g., business parties and wedding receptions). Be it casual or formal, there seems to always be an air of sophistication that accompanies such an event.

Are you planning your own fancy party or mixer? We can give you a hand with setting up the invitations! Our Ready-Made Cocktail Party Invitation Templates offer expertly-made designs that are sure to impress your invitees. What’s more, these templates are crafted for easy customization, suitable for any editing proficiency to alter without breaking a sweat!

“Aren’t printed invitations kind of passe?” you might ask. While it’s true that invitations have been around since AD100 (as stated by, mailing or handing something tangible to welcome a guest adds a highbrow sense to the gathering. And, there’s no need to worry if you’ve got no clue how or where to start; we’ve put together a number of tips (below) for editing our templates in Microsoft Word.

1. Handpick a Design Template to Suit Your Taste

You’ll find that we have a hefty collection of cocktail-centric invitation templates. However, there are certain designs that are specifically themed after something, so it’s best to pick carefully instead of blindly downloading a template that catches your eye from just a glance. It would be embarrassing for your attendees to merely scoff at the invitations if you’re using a holiday design for a business-oriented get-together.

2. Exhibit Class Through Your Template

After making a choice from one of our Ready-Made Cocktail Party Invitation Templates, it’s time to boot up MS Word and assemble an elegant design to awe your to-be guests. You can easily make any aesthetic adjustments you’d like to your template, due to its design’s nature of easy customization.

When it comes to hosting a cocktail party, it takes more than just looks to entice your invitees; you want your verbal prowess to also show just how much class your event is going to have. So, while drafting your invitation’s contents, get creative and allow your inner-glamour to pour into your writing. You gotta really own your words, keeping a consistent tone of confidence in your composition.

3. Make Your Soiree Even More Attractive

With your invitation card’s design all taken care of, you should think about how to further enhance the appeal of your upcoming get-together.

There’s no doubt that your guests will want to see what delectable drinks you have in store for them. So, put together a cocktail menu to hand out during the party.

Keeping track of your gathering’s goings-on will be tricky, especially when you’ll already be busy accommodating your guests. To make sure you don’t get overwhelmed, prepare an event itinerary to refer to.

4. Finish up with a Gorgeous Package

Once your invitations are ready for printing, be sure not to forget some lovely envelopes to carry each of them. Whether it’s a fundraiser, business function, or leisurely evening, you can count on our Microsoft Word and our professional templates for crafting beautiful invitations!

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