Company Flowcharts

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What Is a Company Flowchart?

A company flowchart is a comprehensive visual material that shows a general view of the inner workings of the company and who is in charge of each process. Company flowcharts are practically beneficial as an immediate point of reference to anyone who may have concerns in the workplace. Through this, clarity and improvement of the management's workflow become more visible and enforceable. 

How to Make a Company Flowchart

Generally, your company flowchart can lead or mislead the viewers, depending on how you design it. While we certainly want to avoid the latter, you should ensure that your company flowchart is easy to read and comprehend. If you're going to achieve complete streamlined transactions and processes within the company, follow these vital points in making your company flowchart.

1. Design Consistently 

It should be the nature of your company flowchart to be simple and clear. In that sense, all the design elements within your company flowchart should be consistent. Preferably, you should limit your flowchart's shape utilization. Highlight these with uniform colors, though you do not have to stick to one color. Designate a color for each element of the process. When highlighting, make sure these colors are not too striking in the eyes that it makes the flowchart's text hard to read. 

2. Instruct Concisely and Comprehensively

In providing your instructional list of your company flowchart, make sure these are worded out it in its briefest form without losing the message. As much as possible, sum it up it in a short, single sentence. On top of that, make sure your wordings are legible. Use fonts that are easy to read; enlarge it when necessary.

3. Organize Your Chart

The same universal principle of how a human reads a document, pattern your company flowchart from left to right. In this way, you are giving your viewers the convenience of comprehension of your flowchart since this is the most used method in reading. Nevertheless, some offices, or people, may have to pattern it the opposite way. For example, if you're in an Arabic, Hebrew, or Aramaic community, your reading pattern will surely be from right to left. 

 Bottom line: Let your flowchart direct its steps to your viewers based on the most accepted way.

4. Fit It All in One Page

Another top priority to keep in mind when designing your company flowchart is by containing it into a single page only. Multi-paged flowcharts can be a significant cause of confusion for your viewers. If you're having a hard time, one practical tip is by structuring the further steps into a top-to-bottom pattern. Begin by your preferred direction, then make the further steps go down. 

So you won't get confused by the exact number of instructional steps, you might begin first to list this in a separate sheet first before doing the layout.

5. Include Your Company's Branding

To give your company flowchart a professional appeal, personalize it according to your company's branding! You may include your company logo at the top, feature your company tagline, provide contact details, promote your social media pages, and others! In personalizing, make sure that these elements do not compromise your company flowchart's purpose.