Company Mind Map Templates

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For a well-execution of your business plan, everyone in the team should be on the same page. If communication is not well-defined, everything you’ve hoped for may collapse. And we don’t want that to happen. One thing you can do is to present your concept using the mind mapping method. Design one with less effort through the help of our Ready-Made Company Mind Map Templates! Each template comes in different formats. These include Word, Pages, PDF, Keynote, Google Slides, Google Docs, and PowerPoint. That means you have various options for a device to use for downloading and customizing. Grab one now and use it to increase your productivity!

What Is a Company Mind Map?

A company mind map is a method used in business in presenting concepts and ideas that are relevant to the growth of the organization.

How to Create a Company Mind Map

According to science, visual learning is more effective than auditory learning. That said, a business mind map will be a more effective technique to ensure that your team will have a better understanding of a particular business concept. 

You can check out these tips we’ve compiled to help you design an easy-to-understand mind map for your company. 

1. Brainstorm With Your Team

Brainstorming with the team helps generate ideas that will be useful in carrying out a concrete business plan for the company. It’s also necessary to collaborate with your team to make them feel included and involved.

2. Identify What Your Company Needs

It may be your company budget or marketing strategy. No matter what industry you’re in, be it IT & Software, car dealing, transport service, or others, focus on a specific business concept.

3. Grab a Mind Map Template Online

Once you’re done brainstorming and identifying the specific needs of your company, you can download a template online to start in an instant. There’s no time to waste when it comes to business. Therefore, take advantage of our various management mind map templates online. 

4. Begin Drawing

With your downloaded template, you simply have to customize the sample content. If you start from scratch, you start drawing from the center. Write your subject and use a shape to emphasize it. Or simply encircle it. 

5. Add Detailed Branches

Now, you start branching out from the center. Slowly but surely add a subtopic. Check out our sample project mind maps for ideas.

6. Enhance Its Look by Adding Colors and Themes

Colors add an appealing effect to your mind map. Our design mind map templates will show you can it’s done.


  • What Is the Meaning of Mind Mapping?

      Mind mapping means brainstorming a concept and presenting it through a graphical illustration that includes a core concept and detailed branches. 

  • Is It Necessary to Use a Mind Map to Present a Business Concept?

      It’s not necessary to use a mind map during a business presentation; however, it helps in making complex ideas easy to understand. Thus, it can result in better communication within the team.

  • What Can a Mind Map Does in the Business?

      With how the way it’s done by the team, a  mind map will help the business develop a doable and strong business strategy. 

  • What are the Advantages of Using a Company Mind Map?

      Among the advantages of having a company mind map are the following:

      1. It improves the creativity of your team since brainstorming and designing is part of the mind mapping method.
      2. It helps the team identify the various issues in the company that needs immediate solutions.
      3. It identifies the different relationships among the information gathers by the team.
      4. It increases brain activity thereby making the team more inclined to the company issues.
      5. It helps in simplifying various complex business concepts.

  • Do I Need to Hire a Designer to design for a Mind Map?

      Absolutely not. Just follow the tips we’ve provided and you’d be just fine.