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What Is a Company Certificate?

A company certificate is a formal document awarded by a company to an employee as a sign of recognition for their completion of a training program, gratitude for their excellence on the job, or an appreciation for their incredible work-related achievement. The most common certificate that companies award their employees is a gift certificate with monetary value.

How to Create a Company Certificate?

A company certificate is not like other formal documents that you usually create every day at work. It's a special document that can significantly boost the morale of your employees. For that reason, creating one is not just merely typing titles and names and there you have it. It requires a bit of artistry and keen attention to detail. To make it easier for you, we have gathered a few tips on how to create an elegant certificate.

1. Use a User-Friendly Editing Software

Using user-friendly editing software provides you with a lot of advantages when creating your certificates. The most notable advantage is that it allows you to personalize your certificate as much as you want in the easiest way possible. Plus, navigating around a user-friendly editing software is less confusing compared to those that aren't. Among your choices should be the following: Illustrator, InDesign, MS Word, Pages, Photoshop, and Publisher.

2. Choose a Professional Design

Keep in mind that a company certificate is also a professional certificate due to the fact that it's considered as a formal document. For that reason, the design you have to embed on it must have a professional appearance, free from unnecessary clip arts and images. However, having a professional design for your certificate shouldn't be a trouble if you utilize downloadable and editable company certificate templates from the internet. They're also available here in

3. Indicate The Certificate's Title

Indicating the certificate's title will let the readers and the recipient employee know what's it about. Here are some examples of it should it appear in general: "Excellence Certificate", "Appreciation Certificate", "Recognition Certificate", and "Completion Certificate". You can opt to use elegant and artistic fonts for the title if you perceive that it fits.

4. Enhance The Employee's Name

The employee's name must be the certificate's center of attraction. Therefore, you must enhance it in a way that it becomes the most readable, conceivable, and recognizable text on the certificate. To achieve that, you need to do three steps. First, enlarge its font size until it becomes the biggest text on the certificate. Second, capitalize all the letters on the employee's complete name. Third, choose a font that makes it a standout among the other texts on the certificate.

5. Provide a Short Summary About The Employee's Achievement

A short summary of the employee's achievement will justify why he/she deserves the certificate. It should be found below the employee's complete name. It doesn't have to be too long or in paragraph form. One to two sentences would actually do. Here are examples of how it should appear: "This is for his/her exemplary performance for the month of July 2019." and "For completing the one week Sales Training Program from July 1 to July 8, 2019.".

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