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Create Professional Company ID Card Designs Online with’s Free Company ID Card Templates. Choose from Editable and Printable Samples with Single or Double-Sided Orientations to Ensure Durability with Customizable Company Logos, Employee Pictures, Names, Designations, Signatures, Contact Info, and Addresses.See more

Free Company ID Card Template, Printable, Download offers dozens of printable designs for company ID cards in vertical or horizontal format examples, complete with premade custom identifying data and photo ID badges for business owners, staff, and employees. These are useful for commercial businesses, firms, corporations, establishments, and agencies. Pick your choice from our customizable ID card template samples and download it for free.

Customize Photo Identity Card, ID Badge Online for Free and Download

Whether you prefer portrait or horizontal layouts, our free company identification cards come in blank, creative, professional, or modern designs that are perfect for construction companies, medical companies, software companies, graphic designers, and company board of directors. With editable features, use our handy editor tool to customize, modify, or replace premade logos, badges, symbols, vectors, and backgrounds. Adjust formats, layouts, borders, sizes, text, and fonts depending on your requirements. Download for free as a PDF file and print for immediate use.


  • What details are found on a company ID?

      Such items include:

      1. Company name
      2. Employee name
      3. ID or serial number
      4. Job title
      5. Signatures
      6. Addresses
      7. Contact information
      8. Scan code
      9. Terms & conditions
  • What standard sizes are there for a company ID card?

      For a company ID, there are sizes of:

      1. 2.13”x3.39”
      2. 2.051”x3.303”
      3. 2.125”x3.375”
      4. 2.63”x3.88”
  • What accessories do you use with a company ID?

      It’s a good idea to insert a company ID card into a protective case, along with attaching a lanyard or clip.

  • What is a company ID card made of?

      Generally, a company ID is made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

  • What kinds of bar codes are there for company ID cards?

      There are two main types of bar codes for company IDs, which are one-dimensional barcodes and two-dimensional barcodes.