Hosting company events here and there keeps your employees happy and your company going. Are you hosting a dinner party? Your company's 20th anniversary? Or your annual Chrismas party? Whatever event it may be, you will undoubtedly need an invitation to make it formal and to create excitement. Good news! We offer a selection of Ready-Made and Enticing Company Invitation Templates, which are all editable in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, and Apple Pages. These are also printable in 4x6 and 5x7 Inches + Bleed sizes. Don't waste your time. Download a template today, so you don't have to make yours from scratch!

How To Make A Company Invitation

According to Gallup, only 13% of employees all over the world are engaged at work. Now, as a company owner or manager, it is your job to make your employees feel engaged and empowered. To do that, having company parties and events is one of the keys. You see, company events aren't just a chance for employees to gather and take a break from work. Regardless if it's a team-building activity, a company appreciation event, or a holiday party, it will help promote creativity, create a better and more focused team, and boost company morale.

Furthermore, when you're hosting a company event, invitations are a must. It makes your event more formal, and it makes your guests more excited. To help you create a stunning company invitation, we have prepared a guide for you to follow below.

1. Prepare your Invitation Layout

The design has a big impact on how your guests will react to the upcoming event. It can either make your guests more excited or worst they could lose interest. If you think that you're not good at making an invitation layout, invitation templates are your best friend. They make the process easier and quicker. Check out our wide selection of Invitation Templates. They contain pre-formatted designs and layouts which you can edit and fully customize. But if you choose to create yours from scratch, keep in mind about proper spacing. Also, avoid using too many design elements, incorporate your company colors, and focus more on typography and color.

2. Provide Compelling Details

When providing the details of your upcoming event, you should always start off with the necessary information: the 4W's. This includes what's the event about, who the host is, when will it happen, and where will it take place. But it shouldn't stop there. Give your employees a reason to attend by including compelling details on your invitation card. This includes what kind of food and entertainment they will get to enjoy and the opportunity to win exciting prizes. Write down the details in a clear, precise, and concise manner.

3. Make It Official with a Logo

There's nothing that would make your invitation official than your logo. So, include your company's official logo on the top or at the bottom of your formal invitation.

4. Double-Check and Send The Invitations in Envelopes

Mistakes are inevitable, and giving out invitations with grammatical errors, typos, and wrong information makes a poor impression. So, before you print out those invitations, take the time to review each detail. Review it twice just to make sure. Then, have this checked by other people as fresh eyes can easily spot errors and mistakes. They can even give out recommendations. Are you done and happy with how it turned out? If yes, then download and print your elegant invitation so you can start putting them in envelopes. Now, go ahead and send these to your guests at least two weeks before the event, so there's still room for last-minute changes.

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