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What Is a Delivery Note?

A delivery note is a paper document that comes with a shipment of goods. It acts as a receipt, sans price, wherein details such as a list of the goods, its description (optional), and quantity are provided. Depending on the company's policy, sometimes a copy of the delivery note, signed by the recipient, shall be returned as proof of delivery to the seller or consignor.

How to Make a Delivery Note

delivery note template

As soon as a client places a simple order, you should send the products as quickly as possible. If you generate a shipping note to be sent together with the shipment, it has the following benefits: you can use the note as a checklist, and it can also be used as evidence of delivery. So if you don't want any disputes regarding your delivery service, then you may try making a delivery note. Outlined below are easy steps to follow.

1. Provide Company Details

The first thing you'll have to do is to put the detail of the business that's accountable for delivering the service. That includes the name and location of the supplier, contact number, fax number, or email address. Make sure to give the full name of the company at the top. Consider also including the business logo as it is helpful for reasons of branding. Remember, you can use MS Word or Excel to make a delivery note.

2. State the Recipient's Details

This is where you will need to position data about the person or company to receive the service. Ensure you include information such as the full name, address of shipment, and contact information to whom the delivery is for.

3. Include Order Name, Order Date, and Delivery Note Number

These three are very vital because they can be used to track what shipment belongs to which customer. Make sure these three are always present, and there should be no numbers of repeated purchase orders and shipping notes.

4. Present Shipping List

For example, if you were asked to deliver food, your note should indicate what type of food is being delivered, the quantity, and the number of items provided. For each item, you list in the sample receipt, be sure to provide the complete legal description.

5. Include Contact Information of Company at the Bottom

Write the contact information of the company just at the bottom of the simple note. Its purpose is for your customers to reach out if there are issues regarding your service quickly.

6. Save and Print Out your Delivery Note

Print your delivery note in a high-quality paper. You want to see your delivery note to represent the type of business you have. Quality transmits professionalism in the name of paper products. A limp piece of conventional computer paper will not decode the same image of a brand as a good and reliable document. Selecting a durable paper will make your delivery note last long. For sure, customers will be happy receiving a well-printed note. Also, this will make your company more trustworthy and authentic.

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