How to Create a Desk Calendar in Microsoft Word

As expressed in Browntrout's "Benefits of a Desk Calendar" article, desk calendars can ease the stress and pressure you feel due to appointments, deadlines, and other important schedules. They help you keep track of your daily tasks and responsibilities. Although your phone and desktop computer has a digital calendar, you should still consider having a personalized desk calendar. It can lighten up the mood and feel of your office table. So start creating one now, DIY style, with the help of our tips below.

1. Make a Design

Since your desk calendar is a personal belonging, you have the freedom to be creative in making it. Design it according to your preference and artistic passion. But if you'll use it for work, you may integrate a corporate or business theme to the calendar if you want it uniformed with your company's work environment.

2. Double It as a Planner

You can use your desk calendar as a planner for plotting schedules and setting appointments. In that case, consider placing some sections or spaces where you can input them.

3. Highlight Significant Dates

There are many significant dates each of us must know throughout a year. They could be birthdays, large events, holidays, business conferences, and many more. Highlight these notable dates on your desk calendar so that you'll be reminded of them constantly.

4. Consider the Size

Don't forget to assess the size of your annual calendar as you create it. It might be too big or too small for your office table.

5. Use High-Quality Paper Materials

Remember that you'll be using the desk calendar for a whole year. So when you print it, make sure to use a durable and long-lasting paper material.

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