In choosing a pet, a dog is one of the considered options for people. With their pleasant behavior when tamed, there’s no doubt why you can find this animal as the ‘man’s best friend.’ And as a dog owner, you should give your dogs the privilege to have certificates for their birth, vaccination, training, and such. So here on our site, we offer you vast options of beautiful and professionally made Dog Certificate Templates. These downloadable and printable templates are available in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed. These are also 100% Customizable in Microsoft Word. What are you waiting for? Make certificates with ease by using our certificate templates.

How to Create a Dog Certificate in Microsoft Word

For pet owners, they felt happy and satisfied as they feed and provide shelter to their pets. According to a published article from Harvard Health Publishing website, there are benefits of owning a pet. Pet owners feel a sense of fulfillment as their pet shows them absolute love. Furthermore, Dr. Fricchione explains playing with your pet boosts the oxytocin hormone, which leads to pet owners to have a good time with them. Unlike the other animals, dogs give their unquestionable loyalty and obedience to their owners. Therefore, they deserve the title of 'man's best friend.'

With the use of certificates, you can show proof that you are responsible enough to take care of your dog. So, if you want to make one for any specific purposes, you can follow our precise steps below.

1. Identify Your Certificate’s Size

In making a certificate, you must first identify the size of the sample certificate that you want to make. There are many certificate sizes that you can follow in making your dog certificate. But, it is advisable to use the 8.5x11 in making your certificate for it is common to use. You should decide on the size of your dog certificate for you to decide on the size and the type of paper that you’ll be using.

2. Make Use of Certificate Templates

Using templates will give you much advantage. You can free yourself from the inconvenience of creating your layout manually. For instance, you’re about to present your dog certificate tomorrow, you will end up having work cramming and procrastination in making an outstanding certificate. However, if you opt to use a certificate template, even if you’re about to present that certificate tomorrow, you won’t feel any pressure to amaze your recipients with your outstanding certificate.

3. Input the Needed Details

After choosing a template, you may proceed in writing the content of your dog certificate. Keep in mind to include the vital details to complete your desired certificate. For instance, you’ll be making an adoption certificate for your pet. You should put your pet’s name, address, date of adoption, and registration number. You should also put the name of the pet center head where your pet came from for it to be signed, after having it produced.

4. Enhance your Certificates Appearance

It will be possible for you to modify your chosen template if you want. Using the Microsoft Word, enhance the appearance of your template appropriately. Perhaps you want to make use of excellent color schemes for your certificate to make it adorable. Or, attach some cute clip-arts like paw-prints to embody your certificate’s purpose. Whatever may be your ways of modifying your certificate, always keep in mind to blend all the design details to achieve an attractive modern certificate.

5. Secure it with Framed Glass

Another aspect to remember in making a document is the quality of it. That’s why you need to review the details of the output before you save it to its best resolution. Then using a quality-paper, you may now produce the printed copy of your finalized certificate. After having it printed, it will be better to place the produced certificate in glass frames. Through this, you can assure your certificate’s neatness and beauty.

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