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How to Make an Employee Contract in Microsoft Word

A contract is a legal way of securing someone’s commitment. In employment, it is a necessary document that an employer should work for his workers. Making use of this document is powered by law to assure the equal rights of both parties. Furthermore, the author Amber Keefer of the Chron website explains that contracts commonly consist of notable conditions and benefits for the workers. Through this agreement, it will give assurance of fairness to them as your workers and will guarantee your concerns as their employer.

Now that you already understand the importance of the contract in employment, you may now make use of its benefits as a business owner. However, if you find it challenging to produce one, then you can refer to our proposed tips below.

1. Address the Job Description

In writing an employee contract, it will be better to introduce the company or business first to your employee. Perhaps you can create a brief description of it in your contract for your future workers so that they can understand your business process of labor. Also, keep in mind to clarify the job that they’ll be working in the workplace. For instance, you want to create a contract for a newly hired freelance hairstylist in your salon. Of course, it is his right to identify the scope and limitations of his job in your small business.

2. Include the Company’s Rules and Obligation

Writing the company’s terms and conditions is an essential part of the sample contract. By having this set of orders, your employees will have a guide in the actions that they should practice in the workplace. Also, they will understand that doing a particular action that is against the agreement could lead to their termination of employment. You may also include the number of hours that they need to work in the workplace. This part applies to an employee who does a part-time job in your company. Aside from fixed terms and conditions, you should also include the benefits of your employee as your worker. This benefit includes the settlement of the date and amount of salary that they’ll receive from you.

3. Practice Simplicity

Since it is a formal document, it should be simple as it should be. In writing its content, you should incorporate a professional tone to your contract. Therefore, it is advisable to make it understandable and straight to the point. Also, keep in mind to review your contract to avoid having technical errors. As of its appearance, it is also advisable to avoid putting bunches of design elements on the particular document. However, you can include the official logo of your business on the cover page of the contract will be formal instead.

4. Enclose it with Envelopes

Now, let say that you’ve already crafted your employment contract and have it produced in printed copies. As a document, it should be valued and handled with care. So, we suggest enclosing the particular material with envelopes that correspond to its size. Through this, you can guarantee your contract's neatness and placement till the day it will be signed by your employee.

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