Students and employees work according to a schedule given by their teachers and employers. Schedules help prevent latecomers, and it establishes a sense of discipline among people. If you are looking for schedule templates for your employees, feel free to browse our Employee Schedule Templates. These templates are professionally written by our in-house writers, and you can guarantee that you are offered nothing but only the best. These editable templates are available in different file formats and in A4 and US letter sizes. Make your schedules with us today and download one now! 

How to Make an Employee Schedule

If you ever want to change your life habits by being productive, schedule your activities for the day. Simple schedules, whether daily, weekly, or monthly, wire your brain to complete your tasks within the assigned timeframe. And by sticking to your schedule every day, it instills a sense of discipline in you; therefore, forming a daily routine. If you want to create your own employee schedule, we will provide you helpful tips below:

1. Gather All the Names of Your Employees

Gather all the names of your employees first to make sure each one of them will have their designated sample schedule. It is advisable that you categorize them according to their respective departments to avoid confusion on your end.

2. Start Creating Their Schedules

Once you have the list in your hands, start assigning their work schedules one by one. Take note of their personal requests, if any, e.g., parental responsibilities, personal errands, etc. when you create the printable schedule. Don't forget to indicate as to what period the staffing schedule is applicable.

3. Make Sure That Each Shift Is Covered

Limit the number of employees under one shift and make sure that each shift is covered. You can only assign multiple employees under one shift once all the shifts have been covered.

4. Display a Partial Copy to Your Employees in Case of Disputes

Once you are done creating the shift schedule, display a partial copy of it in a public area, where it can be commonly seen by the employees. Indicate in the partial copy to address their disputes in your department, if they have any.

5. Finalize the Schedule

Once disputes have been cleared out of the way, display the final schedule in the same area. Indicate the period in which the schedule is applicable.

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