Sure enough, a lot of people nowadays prefer to send personal and business messages through email. But when it comes to tangible documents, the best way to do it is through fax. Yes, fax machines are still a thing and many offices have them. But before sending a document, it's best to start with a cover sheet. Here, we have downloadable Fax Cover Sheet Templates to get you started. And what is luckier for you than getting these professional templates in Microsoft Word format. Each ready-made product comes with original content that's 100% customizable. Make a good impression every time you send a fax by subscribing to our templates!

What Is a Fax Cover Sheet?

A fax cover sheet is a printed paper sent to a recipient before the actual document. According to the website, eFax, there are 17 billion faxes every year, and in many countries, faxes make up 50% of communicated information. This data clearly illustrates that many people still use fax machines in this modern age.

How to Create a Fax Cover Sheet?

If you're into sending documents through fax, we recommend using a cover sheet. Below are simple guidelines to help you in creating one.

1. Prepare Everything You Need

Before you can start making your fax cover sheet, be sure to prepare everything you need for it. This includes the materials, stationery, and the information that you need to put on it. Doing this first will help in making the process faster and easier.

2. Make an Outline of the Cover Sheet

Like any type of personal or professional document, you should outline the content. Think of it as an artist’s basic sketch before they make their masterpiece. For your draft, you can choose to make it handwritten for easier revisions.

3. Choose a Software to Use in Creating Your Cover Sheet

With your materials, details, and draft prepared, you can start creating your actual cover sheet. Choose from among a variety of tools to make your fax cover sheet. You have the option of using Word or Adobe to make Doc or PDF files, respectively.

4. Keep the Layout Clean and Neat

As much as you can, always keep the layout of your cover sheet clean and simple. Do this even if your fax cover sheet is not for company use. Yes, your cover sheet should attract attention, but leave enough room for white space to prevent cluttering the layout.

5. Incorporate Your Company or Organization’s Logo

And finally, if your cover sheet is for official use, add your logo to the layout. This will convey to the recipient the identity behind the document. This is why it is important to keep your cover sheet neat since it will also contain the sender's identity.

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