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How To Make A Fax Cover in Apple Pages

According to The Conversation website, "unscientific survey of 1,513 members of an online forum for information technology professionals found that 89 percent of them still sent faxes." So, businesses still send faxes. This sheet comes before the actual fax message to your recipient. This document stands as an identifier of the sender. Sometimes, businesses don't include fax cover sheets; however, it is an essential practice. There is a possibility that other people will handle a fax message, so a fax cover sheet can help with that possibility because there is the name of the sender and the name of the recipient. We have here some steps on how to make a fax cover sheet:

1. Details of the Sender

There should be details about your company as the sender. Firstly, put the name of your company. Putting the company name on the fax cover sheet is important because it will distinguish your fax cover from other fax covers the recipient received. If you are not part of any company, then you should put your full name as the sender. Then put your company's contact details and email address if ever the recipient would want to get in touch with you. Then, include your company's address. These details are important for any reason possible.

2. Details of the Recipient

You should put the details of the recipient of the fax so that the recipient will receive it correctly. To start, you can set the word in boldface 'To:' easily distinguish the receiver. Put the full name of the individual recipient or the recipient company. After the name section, add the fax number, the phone number of the recipient, and then include the date. This information should be on separate lines.

3. Indicate the Number of Pages

The fax contains several pages, and you should include them too. On a separate line, indicate "Number of pages of the fax including the fax cover sheet" followed by a colon. You should count how many pages you will have to include, and then you put the number. This way will give the recipient an idea of how long the fax is.

4. Write What the Fax Is All About

Put the word 'Subject', and the colon should follow. Then, include what the fax that you sent is all about. This thing will help the recipient know how vital the fax cover is. Some will put a simple message on the fax cover sheet. It's up to you if you will leave a little or long message for the recipient.

5. Add Additional Details

For the recipient to know what to do or what to do next, add boxes for some details. The boxes may include: 'urgent', 'for review', 'please comment', 'please reply', and 'please recycle'. Just put a check on the box or boxes of what the recipient should do and understand.

6. You Can Edit Your Fax Cover in Apple Pages

You can use Apple Pages to edit a fax cover, and you can edit your blank fax cover pages and fax cover sheet pages there. Online, you can download templates for fax cover, and there are available printable templates. You can check online for a fax cover sample pdf.

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