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How to Create a Professional Flyer in Microsoft Publisher?

Advertisers don’t make promotional materials just for the sake of displaying, distributing, or posting them. Print materials are more than just pieces of paper handed out to random people on the streets or in different areas. They play a significant role in the field of business. Marketing tools such as brochures, posters, rack cards, and flyers help entrepreneurs draw new customers to their business and make their products and services made known to many. For this reason, creating a compelling design for your marketing tool is crucial for the success of an ad campaign. If you are planning to create a flyer for your business or an event, you should note that its outcome must look creative and professional at the same time. The five steps provided below will make the flyer-making process easier for you.

1. Create in Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application used to layout different types of print materials such as business cards, newsletters, magazines, and flyers. If you want to come up with a well-designed flyer for your business, use Microsoft Publisher as your editing software. If you don’t want to start from a blank digital canvas, you are free to download our ready-made custom and professional flyer templates.

2. Limit Your Font and Color Choices

A promotional tool that uses a lot of colors and fonts somehow loses the credibility of the material. Regardless of the flyer design style you want to achieve—be it modern, elegant, or simple—you must limit your font and color choices to three only. Make sure that the colors you will use in your design will represent your business and communicate your brand values. For the font styles, choose the ones that are legible even on a distance.

3. Avoid Writing Lengthy Sentences

Even if you are creating an informational flyer, you should avoid injecting too much details in your material. Keep the content as concise as possible so as not to bore the readers. When talking about your business, church, school, or organization, you don’t have to include unnecessary information. Moreover, a summary of the products or services you offer will suffice when you are making a flyer. You should also point out the most important or enticing information you will communicate to the target market and make it a headline.

4. Use Photography

High-quality photographs add beauty to a plain-looking flyer, so be sure to include images in your design. Aside from that, it also helps advertisers produce an effective marketing tool because it grabs the attention of potential customers or clients. Photos also allow the readers of your flyer to know more about the offers of a particular business.

5. Distribute or Publish

Before printing your business flyers, be sure to proofread its contents more than two times. After making sure that everything is correct, print it on a high-quality paper. With the development of technology, you may also publish or post your flyer design on your website and other social media pages.

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