Graduation is more than just getting the complete credit digits to make it to the list of those who'll get the privilege of wearing that black gown. It's conquering years of unending wins and losses and still acknowledging that the journey you thought you're already through never actually ends. But you celebrate it anyway because it brought you far from where you started. Reward their labor with a timeless recognition using our Graduation Certificate Template in MS Word. It comes in an assortment of designs and purposes to fit your every need. Our designs are professionally curated in scalable vectors to allow convenient customization in any device and application. Download now, and enjoy these amazing benefits!

How to Make a Graduation Certificate in MS Word

Bustle shares numerous reasons why you should never miss your graduation ceremony. The list includes hilarious items such as the cash presents, the after-party, and the super comfortable satin gowns, which are definitely true. However, it also argues that graduations are once in a lifetime occasion. It's your official induction ceremony for another chapter. It's your grand entrance to a new world, and you'll surely regret walking through it on a mere door when you could've marched through it with claps and cheers. You also owe it to your parents to let them attend the affair they've dreamed of since they first took you on your first day in preschool.

A special occasion like that deserves only the best memorabilia. Below are the tips on how to make a graduation certificate:

1. Know the Content

A basic certificate has a very distinct structure that you can recognize anywhere. It's what makes it different. It has its own unique set of text elements that you need to follow. When crafting your certificate, it's necessary that you include the following: title, presentation line, recipient, name of the organization or institution, award description, presentation date, and the signatories with their signatures. Make a draft of this content beforehand so you can easily apply the context during the designing process.

2. Design Accordingly

Graduation certificates are visually formal, dignified, and elegant. Employ neat borders and use a muted or dark color palette. For a more vintage appeal, you can use stylish scripts or calligraphy typefaces in metallic or bold black font colors. This traditional layout is generic and works perfectly, whether in high school or college ceremonies.

However, events such as kindergarten or daycare completion, therapy commencement, or Sunday school graduation, incorporate a creative touch and produce a modern certificate. You can keep away from what's conventional and explore bright and pastel shades.

3. Proofread

It is absolutely necessary that you check your completion certificate's information and ensure that every detail is right. Incorrect and misspelled names are the horrors of every certificate-giving program. Double-check the master list and see to it that every participant is being accounted for. As for the risk of incorrect names, ask the teacher or anyone in-charge for assistance.

4. Make Use of a High-Quality Paper

Certificates are memorabilia to be kept for decades. They are treasured keepsakes for a lifetime. That's why printing your certificate on a high-quality material serves a crucial purpose. More than being an aesthetic element, it acts as a preserving agent. Using poor stationery submits the document to decay and destruction, rendering it useless after a few years.

5. Use a Certificate Template

Save the rest of your energy into the ceremony planning preparation and leave the designing process to the experts when you avail of a certificate template. Check out our collection! Our printable certificate of every purpose, theme, and category are readily available for use upon successful download. Because it contains the entire package of content and design, all there's left to do is to alter the details to make it your own. Choose the best that suits your occasion and start from there. It rewards excellent results, minus the tremendous time and effort.

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