Providing the best kind of services will enable your guests to keep coming back for more in your hotel facility. Out of many business people who run a business related to the hotel and hospitality industry, you need to compete for you to stand out among the rest. A good sense of advertisement will encourage your prospective guests to stay in your facility while having their vacation or business trip. To avoid any stress and hassle, you can use our high-quality templates for Hotel Brochure in Adobe InDesign. You don't need to start from scratch because it was quickly editable, 100% customizable, and printable anytime. It's also available in (US) 8.5x11, (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches. Grab our templates today to help you save more time and money!

How to Make Hotel Brochure Templates in Adobe InDesign

Creating the most strategic marketing plan to advertise your business like a luxury hotel, beautiful hotel resort, or a high-end hotel is tough and challenging. Being in the hotel industry is also a great privilege because it allows you to deliver excellent accommodation and services for your guests with enticing hospitality. For you to attract an ample amount of guests, you have to make an advertisement that shows why it's worth it to stay in your facility. That's why using a brochure as part of your marketing tool will never go out of style.

According to Statista, the hotel industry specializes in delivering accommodation for almost every sector in the hospitality industry. They also provide goods, services, and other amenities such as food, drink, lodging, and wellness. A well-designed brochure and informative written content will give an excellent impression to your target audience. Furthermore, there are tips listed below to help you create Hotel Brochure Templates in Adobe InDesign.

1. Specify Its Purpose

It's ideal if you decide to specify the primary purpose of making an advertising brochure firsthand. That way, you're also giving detailed information to your guests about what you are promoting in the first place. It could be you're about to announce the grand opening for your hotel restaurant, five-star hotel discounts promotional, or any other. Being specific to everything is always a must.

2. Know Your Audience Very Well

Secondly, you better make an effort to know your target audience very well by doing thorough research. With that, it will also give you vast ideas on how you can exceed their needs and expectations. Also, it gives you advantage and confidence when making your creative brochure because what they've been looking for is written in your hotel booklet. Focus your advertisement on how your facilities can provide the needs of your prospective guests.

3. List Down Only Essential Info

When writing down information in your simple brochure, only include those that are vital. Aside from the name, logo, and slogan, the next page must contain enticing info. These include a
short description of your hotel, available services, amenities, types of the hotel room and its price, feedbacks, and call-to-action info. Indicate the address, contact numbers, social media page, and email address as a means of communication tools.

4. Include Compelling Photos

More likely, it's an advantage if you also indicate a good-quality and compelling images in your marketing brochure. It's a good thing to grab the attention of your target audience, knowing that most people are visual creatures. Be sure that it will also match what you're trying to promote. Furthermore, pay attention as well on the color palette, font style, and text size to keep its visibility and readability all in all.

5. Distribute and Display the Copies

On the last part, always distribute the copies to any high traffic areas, you may post it online, or attached it with an email. But of course, you can display it in your hotel facility, such as in the front desk area, hotel rooms, or any areas that are accessible for your target audience. Just be sure that it will reach to your audience all the time. In the end, the outcome of your advertising will surely become successful.

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