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How to Make an HR Certificate in Illustrator

The HR department has a lot of functions. According to All Business Schools, it recruits, solves conflicts, and does a whole lot more. Aside from the mentioned things, HR can also provide a certificate to an employee. This can be an experience certificate, a completion certificate, an appreciation certificate, an internship certificate, a birthday gift certificate, a salary certificate, or a training certificate. With all these things said, if you have to create a certificate, and you need some assistance, the tips below may help you:

1. Make It Professional-Looking

The certificate coming from your company has to look professional and formal. You have to keep it looking presentable because it's going to reflect your company. So, you have to make sure that you select colors that are going to make your certificate look neat. You can use the color palette of your company to make it look more personalized. Don't add any design that can pull the beauty of your document. Make sure that it's presentable and beautiful.

2. Restrict Typography Use to Three

The number of typographies that you're going to use can affect the look of your company certificate. Although using more than one typography can make your certificate look more beautiful, but, using too many of them can leave your certificate looking unappealing. So, it's better to have a limit on how many numbers of typographies that you want to use. As a tip, you can use not more than three. It's better this way to make sure that your certificate can look great and not chaotic.

3. Add Where the Certificate Is From

Don't forget to put the name of your company logo, and other details on the certificate. It's up to you where you want to place them. You can place them on top or at the side. Putting these details can help the recipient identify where it's from. It can also serve as a keepsake that your company gave the certificate to the person.

4. Feature the Employee's Name

The highlight of the certificate shouldn't only be about what it's about—but also who it's for. Most certificates highlight the name of the recipient. This way, the person is the prime focus of the HR certificate. You can showcase the name of the person by making its font style bold. You can also increase its font size to make sure that it's the most visible content on the certificate.

5. Make Certificate Description Brief and Formal

A certificate's content includes its description. It tells about what the employee certificate is about. You can choose to make it brief so that it's easier for people to read it. But sometimes, you need to put a lot of words on it. If you have to, then you can make the description longer. But you have to make sure that it won't have to be so long that you won't have other space for other content.

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