An HR flowchart is a visual illustration of a workflow. It’s a step-by-step process of how to deal with issues in the company. With the activities in the HR department, you will need a flowchart to function accordingly. That said, our Ready-Made HR Flowchart Templates in Google Docs will come in handy. Why start from scratch when you can download a template and start the soonest? Plus, the file in the best format that allows you to work with others online simultaneously. Did we mention that you’re allowed to choose a device for download and customize the template however you need? Without further ado, download one template now and upgrade your business process management!

How to Create an HR Flowchart in Google Docs

The Human Resources Department plays the most important role in the business or organization. From hiring new employees to terminating them, the HR department has a crucial function. With this, the HR personnel faces various employment issues. In 2019, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported that 75% of those who experienced recruiting difficulty stated that there is a lack of skills in applicants in job openings.

Improving the integral business process in the HR department helps HR personnel deal with recruiting difficulties. The HR flowchart will establish the direction that the department would like to go in moving forward. Continue reading to get ideas on how to create an HR flowchart using Google Docs that works for your company.

1. Open A Blank Document in Google Docs

Get started by clicking a blank Google Docs in your, which is one of the various programs you can find in your Gmail. Click the one that says Docs. You will be prompted to different available templates. What you simply have to do is choose Blank. Google Docs will be the best program to use when you want an online collaboration with other HR personnel. Working with others will be easy online since this program permits you to share the document with others.

2. Add Your Layout

Now, choose a layout you want to use for your HR flowchart. Layout adds to the visual effect of your flowchart. It’s how you want your audience to see or visualize the process flow. You can choose the shapes or lines that will connect the texts. The layout also helps in the development of a more comprehensible flowchart. Refer to our HR Flowchart templates for ideas.

3. Insert Texts

Since you already have shapes and had them connected them with lines, you can now enter texts into those shapes. Make sure to add the main ideas. You only have limited space, make the most of it. You can arrange the thoughts in the end anyway. Your audience doesn’t want a cluttered-looking illustration.

4. Align All the Elements of Your Flowchart

This is an important part of creating a flowchart. Some just end the process after inserting the texts and shapes and print it out immediately thereafter. Don’t skip this part. Make sure that there are no missing lines, texts, and other elements that can affect the meaning of your workforce management or management process in general. Arrange them in a way that will make the workflow easy to follow.

5. Consult an HR Professional

Ready to post your business process or maybe your employee leave application process? Wait for some time. Consult an HR employee about his/her view on your newly produced flowchart. Did he/she understand it immediately? Or is he/she having difficulty comprehending the process? This will gauge the effectiveness of your flow chart. What you want to achieve is your audience to understand various HR procedures.

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