Have you ever applied before? If you did, you probably know that your application starts by visiting the human resources office. Where you frightened during your interview or when you walked-in to pass your resume? You are not the only one. But let's get to know how the HR staff prepares to face different types of people and its underlying work through our HR Flowchart templates. Download and save these chart templates in Microsoft Word, Publisher, Google Docs, PDF, and Apple Pages file formats. They are printable in A3, A4, US letter size, and landscape orientation style. Let the smooth run of human resource department operations continue! 

How to Create an HR Flowchart in Apple Pages

Hundreds of people make transactions in recruitment hubs. With these many people are also the many things that happen inside it. Diane Perez broke down the standard human resource processes to understand these procedures. Make a guide of the HR processes of your company by creating a flowchart. Below are the requirements you need to pass to create an HR flowchart in Apple Pages.

1. Name of the HR Process

The human resources office is comprised of different functions, and each has its corresponding process flow. Figure out an HR process that needs the flowchart’s guide. These processes may be the functions that have been designated to a new hire. It can also be those that need to be more organized because of the numerous procedures that are involved with it. Identify whether it is in recruitment, training, payroll, etc. Knowing where it is needed makes your chart definite with the data it presents, making room for less complex process flow in the chart. Name this HR process and acquire the next requirement.

2. Step by Step Process of the Workflow

Gather information about the work procedure of the HR branch you have named earlier. Strive to document the step by step process of the HR function. Learn what recruitment does after receiving a job application, for example. What is the recruitment process associated with it? Then if the applicant gets hired, what training process he or she will be going through? Take detailed notes of the workflow. Then along with the main process streamline, determine the split-half decisions tagged with them if there are any. The decision points and their respective action plans will complete the flow in the chart.

3. The HR Flowchart

Employers may have a packed schedule because of the employment process and all. So to lend a hand to them, we prepared HR flowchart templates. They are ready for edit in the Apple Pages software and free download anytime. Choose a template that will fit the HR workflow process of your company, then edit the suggestive contents to customize them with your HR’s process flow. You can also generate a chart using Pages’ software tools. Utilize them comfortably in any of your Mac devices and create a useful flowchart for your HR offices.

4. Chart Modifications

The flowchart will be more organized when you apply modifications to it. Parts of the chart will be more identifiable with colors. Color your shapes based on their purposes on the chart. Apply the same color for all the main processes of the workflow. Apply another color for all the decision points and another for the action plans for each decision. You can also apply modifications to the text styles and sizes if you think that there is a need to do so. Just make sure they are all legible. Check the details you have on the flowchart, then when everything’s good, you may now produce your printable chart. Employ it to the HR offices that are the subject of the chart.

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