How To Make A Printable ID Card in Apple Pages

The main purpose of an ID's or Identification Cards is to verify that the individual holding it is, in fact, who it claims to be. Apart from that, ID Cards also serves as proof or evidence that the person wearing it is a member of an organization. Whenever you present your ID Cards, you can easily enter any establishments for the security personnel holds every piece of your information. And if you have plans to do inappropriate actions in that establishment, then they can easily sue you for they hold every bit of your information.

In this article, we will show you the necessary steps on how to create a printable ID Card that is perfect, whether for business offices or school establishments. Hopefully, this step-by-step guide will help you in achieving your goal. Check out the rest of this article!

1. Collect every Personal Information

If you're the one assigned to create an ID Card, the very first thing that you will do is to collect every personal information of your employees or your students. Such information includes their full name, recent address, their corresponding ID number, and their contact information. At the back portion of the ID Card, this is where you will state the emergency contact person of the bearer and their signature. If you have extra space, you may add their job position (if its an employee ID Card) or their degree program (if its a student ID Card).

2. Take A Photo

Next, it is crucial to take a photo of the bearer of the ID Card. Taking a photo is one of the essentials for it also helps in verifying the person wearing it. Remember that there are specific requirements upon taking a picture. The guidelines are the following: must be printed on a high-quality photo paper, take your present appearance within the last six months, taken from a white or off-white background, taken straight in front of the camera in full perspective, and lastly wear formal attire. Follow each step thoroughly before you take photographs of your employees, medical students, or the membership organization.

3. Work with Apple Pages

If you have a Mac, iPhone, iPad or other IOS device, then there's no need for you to look for editing software because Apple Pages is already installed on your device. Open the app and browse through its unique and wide selection of tools that you can use in making an editable card or badges. Hurry up so you can proceed to the next step below.

4. Opt to Use an Online Template

Feel free to download any of our premium card templates above and edit it according to your preferences using Apple Pages. We guarantee you that all of our templates are with high-quality resolutions. Aside from that, you can also easily edit it and replace it with your desired content such as the name and logo of your company and others.

5. Print and Hand-out the ID Card

Double-check your work before you proceed to the printing process. Once you are done, print your ID Card template on thick paper stock and then hand-out them to their corresponding owners so that they can start wearing it during school or office hours.

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